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Nebraska Flops On The Road Against Indiana 65-81

It was a beating by the Hoosiers

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

47 years ago a in a small town in eastern Arizona named Show Low there was an explosion within the local hardware store. It shook the town to it’s core. Not just in the size of the explosion but also because the store was owed by an 87 year old man who helped build the first man made working volcano that was shown at the Missouri State fair in 1932.

His name was Richard Chicken. A self made man who was a legend in the college sports world.

Dick, as his fiends called him, had an illustrious career not only coaching baseball, and basketball, but was a innovator on the football field. The man spent most of his life bouncing from one college to another. Building programs and making a name for himself as he went along.

He never spent much time at each institution he was at but for some reason he left an impression that was never forgotten wherever he was at. The reasons why he never stayed at each stop very long varied and there was never a uniform reason why he left each one. Rarely was there any bad blood and there is usually some sort of memorial at all of his stops.

Dick was a lifelong bachelor. Though, there has been rumblings of people claiming to be his children long after his passing in 1922. There was no estate to pass out after his pass as he donated most of his money to the Daughters of the American Revolution and what was left over paid off an El Paso fireworks stand’s mortgage.

Mr. Chicken did not pass away the day that the explosion happened. He was sitting happy and safe at a vet clinic in Williamsburg, VA with his 3 year old collie named Molly. At the time Molly had and obstruction in her bowels and was being cared for by a fine young doctor named Michelle Johnson.

So, back to the explosion. Dick’s store blew up. The fire department determined that the explosion was due to an old box of basting agents that to this day were never quite determined. Dick had a habit of collecting random items in his travels and this was most likely one that he forgot about.

At the time, the good folks of Show Low did not realize that Dick was out of town. Half the city block was gone and it took days to realize that not only was no one injured or killed but Dick was also safe. After Molly was healthy enough to travel after her surgery he came back to the town to the joy and relief of everyone there.

Molly lived another 12 years as Dick’s faithful companion.

Oh yeah, Nebraska lost to #14 Indiana. I forgot I am here to write about Nebraska’s loss to Indiana on the road.

Same Griesel was out for Nebraska and without him at point the Huskers struggled mightily to a fairly talented Hoosier squad who looked like they totally forgot about their loss to Rutgers last weekend.

IU came out strong and honestly make the Huskers struggle for most of the evening. One they lead they never looked back as the Huskers limped to a 65-81 loss. The home crowd was in to it and you could easily tell that it fed the team as they ran circles around the Huskers as the night went on.

It didn’t help that the Huskers shot just 42% from the floor while Indiana was making it look easy at 53%.

The Hoosiers won this game with a dominate performance by Trey Galloway who had a triple double on the night with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. The leading scorer for the Hoosiers was Trey Galloway who had 20 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 assist.

The Huskers were lead by CJ Wilcher who had 22 points, 1 steal, and 2 rebounds on the night. Also of note was Emmanuel Bandoumel who had a big game after only scoring 4 points against Creighton. He had 13 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists for the Big Red.

There’s not much here, the Huskers got smacked. Our honeymoon over the Creighton win is over.

I hope Sam is okay.

The Huskers head back home and will take on Purdue this Saturday at 1:15pm cst in Lincoln.