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Nebraska WBB Rolls Past Wisconsin 82-54

The Huskers beat a bad team. The end.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 04 Women’s Nebraska at Maryland Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Huskers will be without Issie Bourne tonight who was spotted on the sidelines with her arm in a sling. Anni Stewart will take her place in the starting lineup tonight.

This means the Huskers probably only have an eight player rotation. Anni deserves a start, but it stinks that Issie is hurt and not available.

First Quarter

The Huskers scored first (Anni Stewart) but were answered immediately by the Badgers (2-2). Both teams are trying to force the ball inside to start the game. Jaz Shelley hit a three but it was answered by Wisconsin (5-5). The back-and-forth continued as both teams hit another basket for a 7 point tie. Wisconsin took their first lead at 10-9 halfway through the first quarter. After the Huskers evened it up at 10-10, Nebraska shut down the Badgers and went on a 14 point run - include a Shelley half court buzzer beater.

Nebraska 24 Wiscy 10

Second Quarter

The Huskers continue to force turnovers and the Badgers are pressing to close the lead. Nebraska ran it up to 29-15 until Wisconsin went on a five point run to get within single digits (29-20 Neb) midway through the second quarter.

Jaz Shelley and Maddie Krull are showing their Jedi mind trick combo plays as they seem to read each others minds. I hope Trinity Brady gets well soon, but the Krull-Shelley duo is leading to some great plays.

More. Badger. Turnovers.

With 90 seconds left in the half, the Huskers are hanging on to a 10 point lead. Back to back Husker three-pointers by Moriarty and Weidner extend the lead to 16. The Nebraska defense is BACK! They look like typical Amy Wililams’ teams and not the group that floundered their way through the first few games of this season.

Nebraska 39 Wisconsin 23

Third Quarter

Shelley to Markowski opened up the quarter and then the Husker defense forced a turnover that led to a Weidner basket (43-23 Neb). The Huskers increased their lead but the Badgers generally answered...for the first two minutes of the quarter.

At the seven minute mark, Jaz Shelley and other Husker shooters opened the lead to 52-28. Wiscy was forced to take a timeout to reconsider their life choices.

The Badgers closed within 20 and that margin held until the four-minute mark (56-36 Neb) when the media timeout was called. It also held at the one minute mark (62-42 Neb). Many Husker shooters made sure that the Badgers could not focus on only one player.

The Badgers held for the final basket and made it.

Nebraska 62 Wisconsin 44

Fourth Quarter

The Badgers scored a basket but Kendal Coley answered with a three and the 20 point lead continued through the first two minutes (66-46 Neb).

The Huskers accelerate their point advantage...and at the halfway point of the quarter, the score is 74-53.

Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

Final. Nebraska 82 Wisconsin 54

Stats and Thoughts

Nebraska should have dominated this team and they did. They needed to get their star players to “star” and they did.

Jaz Shelley scored 31 points.

Let that sink in. She has taken over games and still helped her teammates do what they need to do.

Other Huskers in double digits were Allison Weidner with 13 and Anni Stewart with 10.

Alexis Markowski pulled down 12 rebounds.

This Husker team is starting to figure out their roles and identities without Haiby. These are still fragile, but are also critically important to the rest of the season.

I could give you more numbers, but they don’t matter. This group is figuring it out and they can play with a limited roster.

Go Big Red.