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Instant Reaction: College Football Playoff

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

The College Football Playoff teams have been selected!

They are:

  • 1 - Georgia
  • 2 - Michigan
  • 3 - TCU
  • 4 - Ohio State

Interesting that two Big Ten teams made the selection. We are always upset that two SEC Teams make it. Is it fair that two Big Ten teams have been selected?

Then there are the matchups.

Georgia vs Ohio State -

Can the Buckeyes exploit Georgia’s secondary with they high falootin’ receiving corp, or do the Bulldogs bulldoze them on their way to a second consecutive national title?

Michigan vs TCU -

Can TCU be the team that stayed in the hunt all year when everyone said they would lose, or does Michigan destroy them and prove all the Horned Frog haters correct?

My funnest scenario would be the national title match up between Michigan and Ohio State. Not only would you have two Big Ten teams vying for a title, but the MELTDOWN after the game of the losing fan base would be GLORIOUS SWEETEST TEARS EVER!