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Monday Flakes: Happy Boxing Day!

Husker news, a legendary cowboy and more!

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Boxing Day Swim In Redcar Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Mine ended up being less than fun as Ranchdude shared his germs and now I have a nasty case of bronchitis.

So, I’m going to hit ‘publish’ and go back to bed.

Enjoy today’s Flakes!

Corn Flakes

New Huskers OC Satterfield: ‘It’s a position-less offense,’ as he also speaks on some roster additions
Guys won’t understand much of the verbiage at first. A new language to them, the way it wasn’t a month ago from the place Marcus...

Husker Volleyball Adds Transfer Merritt Beason - University of Nebraska
The Nebraska volleyball program announced the addition of Florida transfer Merritt Beason on Friday. Beason, a 6-3 opposite hitter, will join the Huskers in January

Nebraska Cornhuskers news: Former commit flips to Colorado, Blackshirts coming back, more
The Nebraska Cornhuskers lost out on a big commit when wide receiver Omarion Miller flipped to Colorado. That and more Christmas Day Husker news.

Husker walk-ons part of class mix as Rhule talks importance of winning at home
Matt Rhule was a walk-on linebacker at Penn State once upon a time. Specifically, he was a college freshman when Nebraska and the...

‘Just look out for me:’ Madi Kubik called her shot with John Cook and then lived the dream
Kubik was in middle school, and she told Nebraska coach John Cook that she would one day be playing for him. Turns out, she was right.


How Nyckoles Harbor compares to NFL stars with his unique size, speed
With the speed of NFL's Tyreek Hill and the size of Randy Moss, high school senior Nyckoles Harbor has top colleges vying for his signature

WATCH: Denver Broncos, Rams prank players with ‘ugly sweater’ jerseys
CBS Sports teamed up with the Denver Broncos and LA Rams to prank players with “ugly sweater” Christmas jerseys. Watch their reactions!

The sweaters/jerseys were just as ugly as the game. Ugh.

Calling Deion Sanders a sellout ignores the growing role of clout-chasing in college sports
While Sanders deftly played the game of Black respectability politics during his short tenure, Jackson State had motives of its own when it hired the former NFL star.

Reading Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

Can dogs smell time? Ask Donut the dog! : Goats and Soda : NPR
After decades of wondering, an NPR reporter finally figures out how her husband's family dog knew when the school bus would arrive everyday. She did some digging — and now it all makes scents.

Elusive Yeast That Gave Rise to Lagers Found in Europe for the First Time | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine
Students in Ireland discovered the ancestral fungus in the soil on their university's campus

Her work as a pioneering animator was lost to history — until now : NPR
Bessie Mae Kelley is one of the earliest known women to hand-draw and direct animated films. This is the story of how her story was brought back to life nearly a century later.

The Year the Streaming Bubble Burst - The Ringer
2022 was a year that undermined some of the core assumptions driving Hollywood’s digital revolution, and one that made it clear that the salad days of streaming are firmly behind us

Then There’s This

The Bronc-busting, Cow-punching, Death-defying Legend of Boots O’Neal
The almost-90 year old cowboy is a legend in a legandary profession.

Australian Man Explains Why He Let A Spider The Size Of His Face Live In His House For A Year | IFLScience
She's called Charlotte and she kills cockroaches.