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Merry Christmas Open Thread of Joy and Peace!

All of us at Corn Nation wish you and yours the happiest holiday season ever!


Merry Christmas Corn Nation!!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I wish you Happy Holidays!

We’ve weathered the arctic blast here on the ranch. The cows are all warm and alive. The chickens aren’t laying any eggs, but they made it through without becoming popsicles. The baby dinosaurs (chicks) in the basement are almost ready to move out to the garage now that they have feathers.

We may almost make it to 30 degrees in temperature today.

The Ranchhands had a fun time opening gifts last night. Even though they are mostly grown, the present that was the biggest hit seems to be a ginormous Lego set.

I guess when their career aspirations are architect, engineer and engineer, I should have expected as much.

We have some NFL fooball today, NBA basketball and I’m sure there are other events going on as well.

This open thread isn’t really about sports though. It is about leaving a message of cheer for each other. We do form a community here at CN through our shared love of the Huskers. Sometimes that extends beyond the interwebz and sporting events.

So, thank you all for being a part of this little corner of the world. We wouldn’t keep doing what we do without you.