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Get to Know Transfer Quarterback Jeff Sims

Does Sims have what it takes to be Nebraska’s starting quarterback in 2023

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Duke at Georgia Tech Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With Matt Rhule taking over it looked like a forgone conclusion that Nebraska would be taking a transfer quarterback for a second straight year. However many believed that quarterback would be Arkansas’ Malik Hornsby. Instead to the surprise of many, Georgia Tech’s Jeff Sims is coming.

Casey Thompson played well last season, when healthy, and myself and many others were excited to see him come back and get another season. But we have to realize that Thompson is undergoing shoulder surgery and miss off of spring ball. Having Jeff Sims not only gives Nebraska some insurance if Casey Thompson isn’t ready but it also provides some competition that could bring the best out in both quarterbacks.

But are we sure that Jeff Sims isn’t being viewed as the starter by the coaches? They did bring him in. And if you listen to what Matt Rhule said during his signing day presser, he really likes Sims. Rhule gushed about Sims and said that he is an NFL talent.

What are we getting with Sims? I went and watched the Clemson, Central Florida and Duke games and this is what I found.

Athletic Ability

The first thing that stood out to me was Sims athletic ability. Matt Rhule has stated he wants a dual threat element to the quarterback position. Sims gives him that. Using his quickness Sims was able to elude tacklers but he also possesses the acceleration to get to another gear and run away from defenders. Georgia Tech used Sims on zone reads and designed quarterback runs but he also showed his running ability to get away from pass rushers and pick up extra yards.


At Baylor, Matt Rhule’s offense was built on run/pass option plays. It’s safe to say Nebraska will run some RPO at Nebraska. During his time at Georgia Tech, Jeff Sims did very well in RPO plays. His running ability and quick decision making made him especially dangerous and kept defenses on their toes.

Passing Skills

As a passer there was a lot to like with Jeff Sims, but there were also some concerns. Sims doesn’t have a cannon but he still can drive the ball and hit receivers on deep balls. His ball will come out quick and he’s shown the ability to make accurate throws on short to intermediate routes.

My concerns about him as a passer largely boil down to him not showing enough anticipation. Too often Sims will have to see a receiver come open before making the throw, instead of anticipating him. My other concern deals with his deep ball accuracy. While he can hit receivers streaking down the field, his accuracy and touch decrease the long the throw.


The more I watched Jeff Sims the more I liked his talent. I still think that Casey Thompson is a better quarterback, but I believe Sims can come to Nebraska and win games. Sims is a high ceiling player that has the talent that many covet. Having Thompson and Sims compete against each other could bring out the best in both players.