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BOOM! Georgia Tech transfer QB Jeff Sims is N!

This acquisition helps me understand more clearly Marcus Satterfield's vision for the offense.

Great news from the land of strip clubs, Waffle House & streets named Peachtree!

Nebraska is ecstatic after landing the commitment of Georgia Tech transfer QB Jeff Sims! Jeff, the 6'4" 220-pound behemoth, originally hails from Jacksonville, Florida (#FloridaHuskers), played at Sandalwood High and has been a starter for the Yellow Jackets since he got to Atlanta.

Marcus Satterfield, in an interview last year after being hired at South Carolina, said this about his offensive philosophy:

“The cool thing about our offense is we can move people all over the field wherever we can create mismatches. I learned a lot from (Brady) this year just being able to get in different formations and get a guy with a certain skillset lined up against a defender that gives us a mismatch. The main focus is to create explosive plays, score touchdowns in the red zone, win situations and then first and foremost don’t beat yourself, play clean and take care of the football.”

Take a look at PJ Walker's career at Temple to see what Nebraska's offense will strive to look like. Marcus Satterfield's offense will combine a physical running game combined with a passing attack that strives to get vertical. When you watch Jeff Sims' highlights, his skillset accentuates all of these qualities. He can make all the throws. He can rumble up the middle like a 5'11" 230 pound running back. He has more talent in his left pinky than all of Iowa's QBs combined since Ricky Stanzi. This was a home run acquisition.

Jeff will undoubtedly be given the edge to be starting QB in 2023, and this offseason will help the gelling process between him and the rest of the offense. We know that Nebraska is a rebuild, but with some of these moves being made, it is obvious that they are striving to build a winning program sooner rather than later. I'm here for it.

Go Big Red!