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Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy: Football Update, Basketball, And So On

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another episode of Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy!

There are things happening, so Todd and I got together with fans to discuss them.

Scintillating topics such as:

  • Everyone’s favorite Christmas song
  • Nebraska MBB loss to Purdue
    MBB pushed the now #1 team in the nation to OT, never lost their composure, nearly won
  • Matt Rhule introduced at halftime of the Purdue basketball game - ”We’re on a mission”
    I am tired of hearing cliche’s and catch phrases. We have a full offseason coming of them.
  • Volleyball - no Big Ten team in the Final Four
    San Diego
    Texas (boo)
    Pitt, who knocked off Wisconsin
  • Tony White’s 3-3-5 defense - it will be okay. It doesn’t mean we’ll run 3 defensive linemen all the time and so what if we do?
  • Recruiting - Nebraska is picking up several recruits, including 3 today
  • Transfer portal - there hasn’t been a mass exodus of Husker players as expected
  • Mike Leach - we discuss his situation, along with what happened during my heart attack and recovery process

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