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Tuesday Flakes Brings You A Cornucopia Of News To Start Your Day

We hope you enjoy

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NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Thursday Flakes. Today we bring you a rundown of the Husker volleyball season. A scary situation down in Austin. A tribute to Mike Leach. Also, a video from one of the best post hardcore bands around.

I hope you enjoy and are prepared for the winter storm coming through Nebraska.

Mankilling Mastodons

What we learned from Nebraska volleyball's 2022 season and the biggest remaining questions - On3
Well Nebraska volleyball fans, we’ve arrived at the end of the Husker season. A little earlier than some of you had hoped but it is indeed here.

Thoughts on Matt Rhule’s Nebraska staff? When is a bowl realistic? Huskers mailbag - The Athletic
What's Nebraska's QB strategy? Is drastic improvement possible for the offensive line?

Husker Dan: Matt Rhule Is Off and Running - All Huskers
But the new Nebraska head football coach faces some challenges.

Other News From The Sporting World

MSU Bulldog family, college football community mourns the death of Coach Mike Leach - Mississippi State
Mississippi State University Head Football Coach Michael Charles "Mike" Leach passed away last night (Monday, Dec. 12) at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

Behind the Scenes at Heisman Weekend with Caleb Williams, the Face of the New College Football | GQ
The USC QB and Heisman winner is a walking, talking, Gucci-wearing symbol of the radical ways the college game is changing.

How the Ukraine soccer team fought back amid war with Russia
With their lives under siege by Russia, the Ukrainian national soccer team found the strength to keep fighting.

My friend, the Pirate
Coach Mike Leach is so much more than the funny stories and the silly anecdotes.

The Bandwagon Fan’s Guide to the World Cup Semifinals - The Ringer
OK, OK—you’ve been vaguely "following along," but now there’s only four teams left and it’s time to get serious

Rising youth sports costs leave some families at risk of being left behind - The Washington Post
Rising costs of travel leagues and club teams leave some young athletes at risk of being left behind.

Texas basketball coach Chris Beard arrested, charged with domestic assault
UT men's basketball coach Chris Beard faces domestic assault charge

Niumatalolo says Navy fired him immediately after loss to Army
Former Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo told ESPN Monday he was fired Saturday in Philadelphia by athletic director Chet Gladchuk in the moments after the double-overtime loss to Army, and that given the circumstances, "most of it I couldn't comprehend."

Hansel Emmanuel, one-armed player for Northwestern State, scores first college points, including a dunk - CBS News
"I know my family was proud. I had to keep working. You can't give up," Hansel Emmanuel said.

Yellow Journalism

The war has worsened Ukraine’s demographic woes | The Economist
It was already one of the world’s fastest-shrinking countries | Europe

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested in Bahamas, U.S. Likely to Seek Extradition - WSJ Arrest follows notification from U.S. authorities that they had filed charges

Auditory Enlightenment