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Nebraska Defeats Delaware State in the First Round of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament

Scott Bruhn

Nebraska 3 vs Delaware State 0 - 25-15, 25-9, 25-10

Nebraska advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament with a 3-0 win over Delaware State. Lindsay Krause led the team with 10 kills on 20 swings and Lexi Rodriguez impressed with 19 scintillating digs. Both players were bright spots in an ever changing line up for Nebraska.

Whitney Lauenstein was sick all week and while she dressed for the match, she didn’t step on the court. Maggie Mendelson started in her place and performed well above what any sub would normally do. Mendelson had four kills an four blocks AND she had a beautiful jump set from a Rodriguez dig that led to a Madi Kubik kill. Mendelson was very good.

Nicklin Hames participated in about half of the Nebraska practice yesterday, but did not dress for the match tonight. She was in street clothing and left the setting duties to Anni Evans and Kennedi Orr. Coach Cook said during the post match press conference that Hames needs clearance from ‘all the things’. He did not elaborate about those ‘things’.

Back to the things we do know; Ally Batenhorst played the left side position for the first two sets and in the third set we saw Krause on the left side and play all the way around. There seems to be limitless possibilities with this Nebraska team; Coach Cook can modify the line up like a seven digit phone number and never play the same one twice.

Batenhorst is the stronger passing left side and Krause is the stronger attacking left side. This leaves the coaching staff with a choice. Kansas, the next opponent, is a difficult serving team. Passing is essential to run the offense and it won’t matter if Krause is a better attacker if the setters can’t get to the ball. What ever will they choose?

In the third set, Hayden Kubik subbed in for her older sister Madi Kubik in the backrow. The Devaney Center, to include players and coaches, applauded with symbolic passing of a torch from one sister to another. Hayden went on to pass two very tough serves and dig a ball in the set. She has shown up every time she is on the court.

As a coach, you ask your players to show up every time they step on the court. Show up at practice, pregame and during the match. Play to your potential and play for each other. Nebraska, whomever is on the court, will need to show up for a strong Kansas team tomorrow night.

Nebraska returns to the court tomorrow night to play Kansas in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The match starts at 7 pm CT in the Devaney Sports Center. You can watch on ESPN+ or listen on the Husker Radio Network.

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