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Instant Reaction: Minnesota Beats Nebraska 20-13 (sigh)

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska jumps out to a 10-0 lead, then lets the Gophers take the game as the offense does nothing the rest of the way.

What’s so disheartening about this game is that, again, it appeared to be very winnable. Nebraska was more physical than Minnesota in the first half, and then it just went away.

Then there’s the inexplicable “Why Is Chubba Purdy still playing?” when it was clear Minnesota was stopping the run and you needed a quarterback who could throw the ball. It was mind boggling.

The defense was excellent in the first half, then left on the field to decompose the entire second half.

There are about three weeks left in this season. Can we stick together for that or are we just left with talking about the next Nebraska head coach?

Is the shiny coming off Mickey Joseph as the season wears on? Can Nebraska win another game?



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