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Minnesota 20 Nebraska 13 Recap

The Huskers looked good early and looked good late, but the parts in the middle were enough to lose the game.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskers will be without Casey Thompson today. Chubba Purdy is drawing the start. Other players are returning from injury - Broc Bando and Omar Manning among them.

Mood check

Reminder - this classic was born in the game vs Minnesota in 2021

First Quarter #TNHFEGBR

The Huskers get the ball first and Tommi Hill is deep to receive the kickoff. Fair catch.

ANTHONY F GRANT!!! The speedy back muscles the Huskers to the Gopher 40. Low snap, screen pass. One yard gain. Third and five.

MR GRANT AGAIN! First down. Red zone.

Trey Palmer and Anthony Grant gain another first down.

Grant is to the five.

Third and one at the one yard line....

Purdy keeper - TOUCHDOWN!!!! Bleekrode’s kick is good.

Nebraska 7 Minnesota 0

The Gophers return the kickoff and are dropped at the 20. Here comes Mo Ibrahim. His left ankle has about three rolls of tape on it.

Third and Tanner Morgan time AND HE IS SACKED by Caleb Tannor!! The Husker defense is dialed in.

The punt is shanked and Huskers have ball at the 44.

We’ve been here before Husker fans. A great start to a game, only to implode. But let’s enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

The BOMB to Palmer fell incomplete (I thought he had it, bummer)

Grant and Purdy move the Huskers to the Gopher 35. They are going to have to start spying Chubba or he’s going to do more of that all day.

Another first down pass falls incomplete (Palmer targeted). Palmer gets six on second down. Purdy scrambles to the red zone.

Anthony F Grant sets up first and goal by running through a YUGE hole. I think the o-line has been eating some of those Muchachos burritos or something. I barely recognize them (in a good way). Grant gains three.

Second and goal. Grant gets one.

Third and goal. Incomplete (nearly picked) to Vokolek.

Bleekrode’s field goal is good.

Nebraska 10 Minnesota 0

Mininesota starts at the 26 and decided they can throw a long ball too. It was incomplete and Newsome was almost in better position to make the catch than the receiver. The Gophers go back to the air for a first down. They’ve decided they are going to throw until Nebraska backs off the box.

The Gophers reach midfield through the air.

After another first down, Potts is brought down for a loss, setting up second and 12.

Second Quarter #MaybeTheresHope?

Garrett Nelson wanted a TFL too! The third and 13 pass fell incomplete. Punt. Husker ball at the 12.

(Get it? A gif from “A New Hope”?)

Mr. Grant continues to be fed. Chancellor Brewington sighting! First down.

Trey Palmer shakes off a couple of Gophers and picks up another first down!!

Purdy scrambles, but is dropped for a loss. Grant got back to the line of scrimmage on second down bringing up third and 12.

Purdy has to throw it away. Punt. Buschini uncorked a 52 yarder.

Jordan Burroughs is honored on the field during the timeout.

Minnesota starts on their 22 yard line.

Ochaun Mathis greets a Gopher behind the line for a loss. FUMBLE! Recovered by the Gophers. Third and 16.


Minnesota calls a timeout before getting a delay of game penalty on the punt.

The Gophers punt from the end zone while Trey Palmer waits at midfield. Nebraska ball at the Gopher 48.

False start. Drink.

Rahmir Johnson is in at running back. He gains one on first down. Chubba is sacked on second down.

Third and 18. This is the offense we were expecting to see today. Sigh.

The screen to Rahmir is a short gain. Punt. Nebraska wasted really good field position there.


Minnesota is determined to get Ibrahim going. He rushes twice for eight yards. On third and two, he gets it again and converts. They are adjusting to what the Huskers are doing and returning to their game plan.

Marquise Buford broke up a long pass (he was beat at first and a better throw would have beaten him to the receiver). Minnesota is called for an ineligible receiver downfield. The Gophers gain 12 more yards, but on third and one...Caleb Tannor brings down Ibrahim short of the line!!!! FOURTH DOWN!!

Minnesota had to use another timeout to avoid a delay of game. Oliver Martin fair catches the ball at the 20 with 2:18 left in the half and three timeouts.

Nebraska goes three and out. The offense hasn’t looked good after those first two drives.

Buschini is out to punt with 1:02 left in the half. Minnesota will also get the ball to start the second half.

Buschini backs them up to the 20 - a 56 yard punt.

The Gophers go to the air - no surprise there.

TY ROBINSON SACK!!! The Gophers let the clock run out on the half.

Halftime #IDontKnowWhatToThinkAnymore

Third Quarter #NotGoingToHopeTooMuchYet

The Gophers start Kaliakmanis at quarterback instead of Morgan - who has an undisclosed injury.

He and Ibrahim combine for one Gopher first down. The Husker defense is getting good pressure but Kaliakmanis is finding receivers and moving the ball well. Mo Ibrahim is finding his stride as well.

Another tackle for loss!! The third and seven pass is incomplete. The Gophers bring out the field goal unit. Good.

Nebraska 10 Minnesota 3

Reverting to form? Let’s hope not.

The Huskers immediately get behind the sticks when Grant loses one. Purdy’s scramble netted five and on third and six, Chubba tries again to throw to a Gopher. Fortunately, it was incomplete. Punt.

Buschini kicks another good one and the Gophers take over at their 24.

Hartzog thought he was going to intercept, but the Gopher receiver adjusted better and made the long catch to get Minnesota onto the Husker side of the field in one play.

On third and eight, Buford almost got one to go the other way. Punt. Nebraska got lucky that Kaliakmanis got greedy and passed up an easy 15 yard gain on the second down play in order to throw the deep ball.

Husker ball at the nine yard line. Come on offense!

Logan Smothers is in the game. Grant and Smothers combine for seven yards, leaving a third and three. Incomplete (the ball was behind Martin, allowing the defender to catch up). Sigh. Punt.

The defense is back on the field after barely getting a chance to grab some Gatorade.

Minnesota is called for a facemask penalty, which backs them up to the sixteen.

DAMMIT! A WIDE open Minnesota receiver makes the catch across midfield and the Gophers are in business again.

Caleb Tannor notches another TFL! But then he limps off the field.

Red zone. Kaliakmanis can throw really well while on the run. Ibrahim then busts through the defense to set up first and goal.

Touchdown Ibrahim. Minnesota called the exact same play twice in a row and it worked like a charm.

Nebraska 10 Minnesota 10

Chubba Purdy is back in the game.

After four straight three and outs, can the offense deliver? Nope.

Three and out. Punt. Minnesota takes over at their 22.

Ibrahim is getting stronger as the game goes on. He’s knocking defenders backwards now.

Mo powers the Gophers over midfield.

A pass play that gains 16 ends the quarter.

Fourth Quarter #TNHFEGBR

Whew, a Minny receiver can drop the ball too. That would have been an easy first down.

Third and eight. Incomplete. Kaliakmanis took a SHOT from Myles Farmer. The 49 yard field goal is good. Minnesota’s kicker has hit the two longest field goals of the season in this game. #OfCourse

Minnesota 13 Nebraska 10

Holding the Gophers to a field goal is good is guess?

Unfortunately, we have to watch the offense again.

Delay of game. Drink.

A Minnesota defender hit Trey Palmer high and drew the flag. Palmer dropped the ball. It was overruled after review.

Third and 15. Interception. You could see that one coming a mile away as Purdy lobbed up a lollipop.

Minnesota takes over at the Husker 33.

Red zone.

Ibrahim is feasting. He is now over 100 yards rushing for the game.

First and goal.

Second and goal. Touchdown.

Minnesota 20 Nebraska 10

Who things the Husker offense has two scores left in them this game?

Who will play QB for Nebraska on this series?!?

The answer is Logan Smothers.

We can haz a first down!! The crowd cheers sarcastically.

Anthony Grant hasn’t given up. He powers Nebraska past midfield in short order.

Third and 11. Gain of one (handoff to Rahmir - WUT?). The crowd starts to boo.

The offense stays on the field for fourth and 10 at the 45. Washington caught the ball, but out of bounds. Wait a minute...replays looked like he had a foot down before going out.

The officials agree! First down!

Anthony Grant it taking some punishment but making gains. He gets the Huskers inside the 10 yard line.

Third and five. Incomplete.

Bleekrode comes out for the field goal. Good.

Minnesota 20 Nebraska 13

There is 4:49 left in the game. Let’s see if the Blackshirts getting a bit of rest helps them find a stop.

Minnesota will start at the 25 yard line. No, Husker fans, Mickey Joseph did not call for an onside kick.

Minnesota’s six minute offense has 4:49 to salt away.

One first down. Tick Tock.

Third and seven. 3:12 left.

First down Ibrahim. Nebraska is out of timeouts.

BUT WAIT!?! They reviewed and ruled him short. Fourth and one (inches).

If I’m Fleck, I go for this and go for the win, but he sent the punter out. Mo Ibrahim overruled his coach and went back on the field.

BUT WAIT?!? After a timeout, Fleck sent the punter back on the field and Ibrahim let his coach hear about it on the sideline.

2:25 left in the game. Husker ball on the 12.

Smothers is back at QB.

Gain of one. Loss of two. Third and 11.

SMOTHERS TO WASHINGTON!!! First down at the 42.

Trey Palmer gets out of bounds after gaining five.


Fourth and five. Smothers threw a great ball, but Palmer couldn’t keep a hold of it.

Ball game.

Final. Minnesota 20 Nebraska 13