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Minnesota vs Nebraska: Preview and Prediction

New Mexico State v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Minnesota comes into this game on a three-game winning streak against Nebraska, with two of those Gopher wins being of embarrassing fashion. In 2019, Minnesota bludgeoned our beloved Huskers 34-7, punishing our defense with physicality. 2020 saw a Gopher team that was missed 30-something players, including several starters, beat Nebraska in an empty Memorial Stadium 24-17.

Nebraska is a 16-point underdog. That’s a bigger point spread than against Purdue.

Casey Thompson likely won’t play, which means Nebraska will play backups Chubba Purdy or Logan Smothers or Matt Masker or Heinrich Haarberg, or someone unexpected.

How will Nebraska stop the Minnesota offense? Is Minnesota’s physicality too much?

Who do you need to be aware of on Minnesota’s offense and defense? Who is Tyler Nubin? Was he in the Game of Thrones?


I also give you the inside story about my viral video after the Minnesota game last year.

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