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Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy: Iowa Win, Matt Rhule Era Begins At Nebraska

NCAA Football: Matt Rhule Press Conference Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Holy Cow!

What an amazing few days for the Nebraska football program!

Nebraska beats Iowa. Nebraska hires a new head coach named Matt Rhule who had a press conference and won the hearts and minds of most of Nebraska in a very short amount of time. Everyone reserved the right to hate him later, though, as we are wont to do.

Todd proved himself dedicated when he pulled over in Iowa and did the show from the lobby of a rest area.

Todd and I discussed:

  • Nebraska’s win over Iowa
  • Matt Rhule
  • Matt Rhule
  • Rhule, Matt
  • Nebraska’s new head football coach Matt Rhule
  • Is Mickey Staying?
  • Wisconsin hiring Luke Fickell
  • Is Mickey staying?
  • A short bit on men’s basketball
  • Tough times for the volleyball team

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