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NCAA Volleyball Tournament Selections

Nebraska is 2 seed

Peyton Stoike

Nebraska is a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and plays Delaware State (24-6) in the first round. Other teams in their beginning bracket are #7 seed Miami and Kansas. Nebraska will host the first and second round of the tournament.

Nebraska avoids Wisconsin and Texas, but could face Purdue on their side of the bracket. Penn State and Wisconsin are in the same bracket.

Check out the entire bracket here.

The volleyball selection committee ranks the teams 1-32. There are four #2 teams in the whole tournament. Those teams are placed in the four different sections of the bracket.

Louisville is the #1 team in Nebraska’s quadrant. They are coached by Dani Busboom-Kelly former Nebraska player and coach.

The Big Ten has 6 teams in the tournament:
Ohio State
Penn State

Texas is the #1 overall seed. The other #1 teams are Stanford, Wisconsin and Louisville.

The first matches are on Thursday December 1st. Check back here for more bracket analysis.