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Addressing Your Objections to Matt Rhule As Nebraska’s Head Coach (And Why Mickey Joseph Isn’t)

Temple head coach Matt RhuleCOLLEGE FOOTBALL Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Temple Owls at Beaver Stadium, State College. Photo by Jeremy Drey 9/17/2016 Photo By Tim Leedy/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

I’ve seen many Huskers fans objecting to Matt Rhule being hired as Nebraska’s next head coach. This is my attempt to address some of those objections.

I am guessing most of those objections are just excuses to knock on Matt Rhule because you really wanted Mickey Joseph as head coach. I address that as well.

Here are the major objections I’ve seen:

  • Matt Rhule’s 47-43 record (He’s Mike Riley or Bill Callahan 2.0!!!!!!)

He took over reclamation projects which added a lot of losses to his record at the beginning of each job. This isn’t that hard to understand.

  • Never stayed at a program over 4 years

The implication is he won’t stay at Nebraska. I find this weird that people project this far out, but as humans we spend a lot of time and energy worrying about events that haven’t happened yet.

  • Never beat a ranked team (with Baylor)

This is true, but again, he was rebuilding and in the end, in 2019 his three losses to ranked teams were to Oklahoma (twice) and Georgia, all ranked in the Top Ten. Those aren’t bad losses.

  • Mickey Joseph isn’t head coach

This is the principal objection to Matt Rhule. I give you VERY VALID REASONS why Mickey Joseph shouldn’t be our head coach.

I explain each of these points in the video below.

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