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Nebraska 24 Iowa 17 Recap

The Huskers got the play they needed, when they needed it and keep the Hawkeyes from going to the Big Ten championship

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Pregame Updates

The Huskers look to be without Luke Reimer today. Marques Buford is also unavailable due to the awful knee injury he suffered last week.

Tommi Hill is not on the trip. That means Alante Brown will be back receiving kicks.

Mood Check

The Huskers won the toss and deferred.

First Quarter

The Iowa returner was dropped inside the 15 yard line. And they got no further - THREE AND OUT!! Husker ball at the 40 yard line.

The Huskers came out in full “THROW THE DAMN BALL” mode.

Wait, wut? We can run the ball too? Anthony Grant pushed forward for a first down into the red zone.

Thompson found Oliver Martin in the end zone (great throw and catch) but Martin came down out of bounds. On third down, Thompson was under significant pressure and unwisely threw a duck that landed much closer to Hawkeyes than Huskers. Bleekrode came out for a 33 yard attempt. No good.

Nebraska 0 Iowa 0

Iowa takes over on their 25 yard line. Iowa gained some nice yardage on a couple of run plays, but then went to the air and Petras was not accurate on those. On third and seven, he threw it away and the Husker defense put up the stop sign near midfield.

The Huskers take over on their 12 yard line. Which is exactly where the Hawkeye defense likes to be.


Nebraska 7 Iowa 0

Spencer Petras threw his first completion, which netted a first down for the Hawkeyes.

STRIP SACK BY NEWSOME!! The refs initially ruled he was down before the fumble, but replays appeared to show the ball moving before the knee came down. HUSKER BALL!!!!

Nebraska took over at the 31 yard line. Spencer Petras headed to the medical tent.

On third and eight...Thompson scrambled around and threw a wish and prayer to Trey Palmer. The Hawkeyes interfered, giving Nebraska a first down via penalty.


First and goal. No gain for Rahmir.

Second and goal. Anthony Grant gains two.

Third and goal. Incomplete (Vokolek).

Fourth and goal. Bleekrode came on for the 22 yarder. GOOD.

Nebraska 10 Iowa 7

The Hawkeyes return the kickoff across the 20. Alex Padilla enters the game for Iowa. I mean, a backup QB taking over for an embattled, injured starter. What could possibly go wrong for Nebraska?!?

A fumbled snap (recovered by Iowa) brought up third down and short. The back was hit at the line of scrimmage but converted on second effort. The Hawkeyes are determined to run the damn ball on this drive (rightfully so) as they approach midfield.

Nebraska’s defense is getting pushed backward at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Ty Robinson got tired of that - and stopped a run for a one yard loss.

Second Quarter

Nebraska’s defense forced a fourth and short (half yard). Iowa wisely elected to go for it at the thirty yard line. They converted.

Hey look, another tackle for loss! That was followed by a Hawkeye false start to create second and 16.


Huskers took over on the Iowa 39.

Another Rahmir sighting.

Thrid and four. The bomb is incomplete, but Iowa was flagged again for pass interference (Oliver Martin was mugged). First down Nebraska.

Iowa took their second timeout with almost 11 minutes left in the half.

Mood Check


Nebraska 17 Iowa 0

Caleb Johnson had a nice return for Iowa. Hawkeye ball on the 33.

Holding on Iowa moved them back eight yards (spot foul). Mauga-Clements (in relief of Luke Reimer) is having a nice game.

Third and 13.

Fourth and seven. The boos are raining down in Iowa City.

Oliver Martin fair catches the ball at the 15.

Third and seven (after two runs by Anthony Grant) brought a return of the Thompson scramble and chuck it and pray offense. This one was a yard short of the sticks. Punt.

False start Nebraska. The Huskers are going on a hard count to try and draw the Hawkeyes offsides. A VERY bad bounce gives Iowa the ball at midfield. The net on the punt was 29 yards for Buschini.

CALEB TANNOR SACK!!!!! Fourth down.

Husker ball on the 10 yard line. This time, Nebraska got a friendly bounce as that could have been touched inside the four.

There are four minutes left in the half.

Third and four for the Huskers brings a Gabe Ervin, Jr. sighting. The running back caught the easy out pass to move the chains.

The chuck it and pray offense returned and Trey Palmer had to break up the pass to avoid an INT.

Third and 10. Marcus Washington catch for a first down!!

Third and one. Thompson keeps for another first down.

Sack. 18 seconds.

A catch by Washington in field goal range was negated by a holding call (Hixson). With 12 seconds, the Huskers are back on their side of the field. Some clock mismanagement ended the half.

Nebraska 17 Iowa 0


Mood Check

(and I hope it lasts for at least 30 more minutes of game time and slightly beyond)

  • Receiver Trey Palmer caught six passes for 138 yards in the first half. The 87-yard TD in the first quarter marked the fifth-longest passing play in Nebraska history and the longest play from scrimmage for Nebraska since a school-record 99-yard pass (Armstrong-Enunwa). It was the longest play from scrimmage against Iowa since an 88-yard run by Wisconsin in 2014.
  • With his 138 receiving yards in the first half, Palmer increased his season total to 1,016 yards, setting a Nebraska single-season receiving yardage record. The previous record of 1,004 yards was held by Stanley Morgan Jr. in 2018.
  • Outside linebacker Caleb Tannor earned the start in today’s game and played in his 56th career game as a Husker. His 56 games ties a Nebraska school record for games played, matching Cameron Meredith’s 56 games from 2008 to 2012.

Third Quarter

The Huskers got the ball first in the second half. They gained one first down, but could go no further. Punt.


A reverse to Palmer gained seven yards and set up Nebraska at the 10.


Bleekrode’s kick is good.

Nebraska 24 Iowa 0

Touchback. Iowa ball at the 25.

On third and two, the Hawkeyes false started. The third and seven pass was caught for a first down at the 40.

The Hawkeyes are in rythmn, marching down the field...and there it is. Touchdown Hawkeyes. The first really bad series for the Husker defense leads to a 44 yard rush to pay dirt.

Nebraska 24 Iowa 7

Or, this could happen.

Husker fans know the answer to this one...(below)

One first down gave Nebraska a little breathing room, but a low snap was covered by Thompson for lost yardage. Washington gained all of that back and more to bring up third and one. He was hurt on the play. Trey Palmer has not been on the field for this series either.

Grant ran around for a while, but could not get that crucial yard. Punt. He hasn’t been as decisive as of late - more running around and bouncing than north-south football.

How many more mistakes does Iowa have left in them?

Husker fans are hoping for at least one or two more.

Magua-Clements had another nice play as he peeled off pursuing Padilla (a teammate was closer) and dropped back to the receiver and broke up the pass. Third and five.

The pass rush couldn’t get home and the pass was complete at midfield. Husker fans are anxiously watching the clock tick with 2:20 left in the third.



Third and 12. Incomplete.

Fourth and 12. Will Ferentz go for it? Apparently not. The punt team came on the field. The patented Oliver Martin fair catch gave the Huskers the ball at the 14.

Rahmir Johnson gained six, then gained one. Third and five.

Fourth Quarter

After one first down, Thompson was tagged for intentional grounding. That is a big, big mistake for a player who has been really, really good today.

Third and 16. Mark Whipple went into turtle mode with a draw play up the middle. Punt.

Iowa came after Buschini, but he got the ball away. Iowa ball at the 26. BUT WAIT, IOWA COMMITTED A PENALTY *CHECKS NOTES* CALLED “LEAPING THE PUNT SHIELD” which gave the Huskers A CRUCIAL FIRST DOWN!!!

I did not have that on the bingo card.

12:40 left in the game.

Chancellor Brewington gained a big first down and stayed inbounds. Tick tock.

Third and seven. 10 minutes left. Thompson JUST missed Oliver Martin who would still be running if he could have caught up with the ball. Punt.

The Hawkeyes start on the 10 yard line and immediately gain 20.

Ochaun Mathis was right there for a sack, but Padilla just got the ball away.

Nine minutes left.

Mathis nearly got to Padilla again, but the Hawkeye QB slipped away and tossed it out of bounds.

Brian Ferentz is using tempo and the pass game to try and close the score. The Hawkeyes get past midfield with 8:15 left. Iowa’s tight ends are starting to carve up the soft Husker defense.

False start Iowa.

Padilla was under pressure again and the Javin Wright was flagged for roughing the passer. Iowa is now nearly into the red zone.

Seven minutes left. Third and four.

The fact that this is still a three possession game is the result of an earlier decision by Iowa.

I didn’t think about that much at the time either. But it looms large now.

Iowa’s first snap in the red zone is a productive one. Touchdown Hawkeyes.

Nebraska 24 Iowa 14

Mood check

6:49 left.

Rahmir Johnson gained two yards, but Iowa said he fumbled the ball. Replays seemed to confirm the ball was out. The Huskers were very slow to get to the line before the replay came about.

My thought (and many others)

Because it is Nebraska. That is why.

Hawkeye football on the Husker 27 with 6:03 left.

Two near interceptions by Husker defenders (Quinton Newsome especially had a great chance to pick it) were harmlessly incomplete. The 45 yard field goal was good.

Nebraska 24 Iowa 17

5:41 left. Touchback.

First down. Loss of yardage.

Second and 11. More yards lost.

Third and 17. Trey Palmer caught the ball but is JUST short of the first down.

What will Mickey Joseph do on fourth down?

Joseph elected to punt. Iowa took possession of the ball at the 21.

3:20 left.

A Padilla pass was batted but caught by the Iowa offensive line.

Third and 14.

First down.

2:40 left.

Quinton Newsome ALMOST got his hands on another interception.

Third and 10. THE OFFICIALS RULE IT A CATCH. But....


Fourth and 10. INCOMPLETE!!!!

Husker ball with 2:06. The Hawkeyes have two timeouts, so Nebraska absolutely needs a first down and hopefully a field goal (they are close to Bleekrode’s range).

Anthony Grant gains one.

Gabe Ervine gains two.

Third and seven. Iowa timeout.

False start Nebraska. That adds five yards to the field goal that Mickey Joseph is trying to get in position for. That was a janky looking awful play.

Third and twelve. Grant gains one. Iowa timeout. 1:12 left.

The gunners misplay the punt and believe the Iowa punt returner. They could have pinned the Hawkeyes deep but instead let it go into the end zone. Touchback.

One Iowa first down. 1:01 left.

Incomplete. 56 seconds. Neither team has a timeout.

Third and eight. Incomplete. 49 seconds.


Casey Thompson came on the field and directed the offense into victory formation.

Final. Nebraska 24 Iowa 17