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Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Loss To Wisconsin And A New Coach Awaits!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Jon & Todd are back for the Monday Night session.

We begin by discussing the unbelievably disappointing loss to the Wisconsin Badgers. The good news is the season is almost over.

I surprised Todd with a discussion topic concerning the dichotomy of how people feel about CEOs getting paid tons of money versus fans wanting colleges to throw tons of money at any coach to make sure they get the guy they want. I’ve always felt this was a little weird.

We spent most of this show taking comments from fans. There was much “new coach” talk, with Todd and I discussing names like Luke Fickell, Chris Klieman, Lance Leipold, Deion Sanders.

Someone asked about the men’s basketball team. I watched part of the first half against Arkansas Pine Bluff. Nebraska was down at half, 39-36, so I didn’t watch the second half. My rotten son informed me that Arkansas Pine Bluff had a Kenpom rating of around 350, so I just felt bad about myself and missed our beloved Huskers coming together and blowing out their opponent.

Advice on men’s basketball? Take it one game at a time.

Fans want to know when Nebraska will announce the new coach. I’d say probably next Sunday or Monday. Keep in mind our next coach is likely still coaching another team.

Iowa Coming Up - are they beatable?

Yes. The key is not making mistakes, but forcing them to make them. It’d be nice to end the season on a high note.