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Nebraska Football’s Next Head Coach: Weekly Power Rankings - November 22nd

It’s crunch time. Are we going to get an announcement by Sunday? If it goes beyond that then we might have an idea of who it could be. Here is my list of six potential candidates for the job in week 10 of my power rankings.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

This will serve as my weekly power ranking list for who will be the probable next head coach for Nebraska. This list is not who I want to see become the next head coach. This list is who I believe will become the head coach at Nebraska.

It will likely change every week depending upon rumors, wins, losses and everything else in-between.

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First: Lance Leipold, Head Coach Kansas

It sounds like Leipold has had an extension offer on his desk for a few weeks but has not signed. Then recently Kansas increased that extension as reported by Mike Vernon. He surmises that Leipold’s agent has advised Leipold to wait. That is probably waiting for an offer from Nebraska or Wisconsin.

For what it’s worth, I am interested in his ability to recruit at a higher level if he were to get to a place like Nebraska. Kansas’s recruiting class is currently ranked last in the conference and is 82nd in the country.

The fact that Wisconsin has not stripped the interim tag from Jim Leonard might make you think they are looking at Leipold.

Change from Last Week: Remains in first place.

Second: Chris Klieman, Head Coach Kansas State

Mike Schaefer of 24/7 reported that he has heard that Nebraska had three primary candidates. It was Rhule (who sounds like could have turned down a Nebraska offer), Leipold and Chris Klieman of Kansas State.

One thing to keep an eye on is if there is not an announcement by this coming Sunday then it might indicate that Klieman might be the man. Kansas State will be in the Big 12 championship game and that might require Nebraska to wait a week.

Change from Last Week: Unranked to second.

Third: Dave Doeren, Head Coach North Carolina State

Mike Schaefer also reported that Doeren may have taken Rhule’s spot in the top three candidates that Nebraska is looking at. Looking at some of the reactions to the idea of Doeren indicates this would not win the press conference.

Which is okay. Just hire the guy who can get the job done. NC State lost to Louisville this weekend which was a bad loss. That should probably be irrelevant at this point.

Change from Last Week: Moved up one spot.

Fourth: Gary Patterson, Defensive Analyst Texas

This guy keeps sticking around. I get it and I don’t. He won a lot of games at TCU but then resigned last season after starting 3-5 and 1-4 in the conference. Maybe it was just time to move on for both parties.

He had a hand in the roster that is currently ranked 4th in the country so we have to give him credit there.

Reportedly he wanted the Nebraska job when the Huskers hired Bo Pelini. It sounds like he is definitely interested.

Change from Last Week: Unranked.

Fifth: Luke Fickell, Head Coach Cincinnati

To me this would be the biggest splash hire Trev Alberts could make. It would be a little bit like Lincoln Riley going from Oklahoma to USC. In the terms that it was out of nowhere and nobody expected it.

I still don’t expect it but we went almost eight weeks without hearing Fickell’s name at all. Then starting sometime last week his name has started to show up.

Could be nothing. Probably is nothing.

Change from Last Week: Unranked.

Sixth: Jeff Monken, Head Coach Army

Is this the fall back guy? There is no question that Monken has done more with less than almost any coach in the country. They are currently 4-6 this season after a win over UConn.

Trev Alberts has made a ton of phone calls to talk to coaches to hear what they think and I’m sure that is how Monken’s name has popped up.

The rise of Klieman and Doeren have pushed Monken down.

Do we want a triple option attack here in Nebraska?

Change from Last Week: Dropped three spots.

Unfortunate Drop - Mickey Joseph

I wanted him to succeed but unfortunately he was not able to perform miracles. I hope there is a way Nebraska can keep him around somehow but it sounds like he is a finalist for the Arizona State job.

From Number One to None - Matt Rhule

Sounds like Nebraska offered him the job but he turned it down. The parties have moved on unless something changes.