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Monday Flakes: World Cup, Pokemon Card Retirement and JPEG History

Oh yeah, the Huskers lost again. But you knew that already

Brazil Community Event - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

I got nothing.

The Huskers blew a lead. The Broncos blew a lead.

I am just about done with football.


Corn Flakes

Huskers Top UTEP to Conclude Fall Slate - University of Nebraska
The No. 4 Nebraska Rifle team (5-4) defeated UTEP on Sunday at the Nebraska Rifle Range by a score of 4,712-4,613.

Tad Stryker: That Sinking Feeling - All Huskers
With no running attack to close out the game, Nebraska football falls to Wisconsin in final minute

InsideNebraska - Casey Thompson explains decision to walk on Senior Day
Casey Thompson chose to participate in Nebraska’s Senior Day, and he explains why.

Nebraska Volleyball Plays a Ton of Defense to Defeat Purdue - Corn Nation
Nebraska 3 vs Purdue 0- 25-22, 25-20, 25-11

Nebraska served aggressively and hit their target locations to force Purdue’s setter off the net. That limited their offense and put a great deal of...


World Cup 2022: Budweiser finds alternative idea for beer surplus following alcohol ban | Fox News
Budweiser found a good way to get rid of the rest of their beer after Qatar and FIFA agreed to an alcohol ban for the World Cup outside the fan festivals.

Golf Buddies Sink Consecutive Holes-in-One on Same Tee-Shot–Beating 17 Million to 1 Odds
Peter and Jaswant had never hit a hole-in-one in either of their careers, but on that fateful day, they did so back-to-back on the same hole.

Braydon Bringhurst Versus the Beast: Climbing The Whole Enchilada

Qatar 0, Ecuador 2: Valencia’s goals spark World Cup win (VIDEO) - Sports Illustrated
Qatar became the first World Cup host nation to lose its opening match, with Ecuador spoiling a party that was 12 years in the making.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction - What’s next for each ranked team?
With the release of the latest AP college football poll, here’s what is up next for each team in the new rankings.

Wisconsin posts opening for head football coach; sources say Jim Leonhard will soon take over the program
Two sources have told the Journal Sentinel that UW is expected to remove interim tag from Jim Leonhard and name him head football coach this week.

NFL Pro Retires After Selling Pokémon Card Worth Over $650,000
Las Vegas Raiders player Blake Martinez recently sold a 9.5 ‘Gem Mint’ Pokémon Illustrator card

Reading Makes You Smarter

(not guaranteed)

How to deal with work stress — and actually recover from burnout - Big Think
The right approach to non-work time can help prevent burnout, improve health and generally make life more livable.

10 Biggest Snowstorms of All Time | HowStuffWorks
Heavy snowfall is just one mark of a bad snowstorm. But the biggest snowstorms of all time also brought strong winds and in some cases, major power outages.

Tree Roots Probably Caused Multiple Mass Extinction Events | IFLScience
Trees have a shady past.

The Struggle to Unearth the World’s First Author | The New Yorker
Decades ago, archeologists discovered the work of Enheduanna, an ancient priestess who seemed to alter the story of literature. Why hasn’t her claim been affirmed?

The Weekly Dump

8 Fascinating Facts About Toilets
Half of the world’s population—nearly 4 billion people—lack safe and sanitary toilet facilities. Here are a few facts to make you appreciate our lovely loos.

Then There’s This

Man breaks record for visiting all Washington Metro stations -
A travel blogger earned a Guinness World Record by visiting all Metro stations in the Washington, D.C., area in 8 hours and 54 minutes.

How a 'Playboy' Centerfold Helped Create the JPEG
Lena Sjööblom posed for Playboy in 1972 and forgot about it. Little did she know her image would become the standard for computer image recognition.