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Nebraska Falls to Wisconsin 15-14

The Badgers come back to hand Nebraska another loss

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a cold and windy day.

Thirty-one Husker players took part in Senior Day activities before the game…. #2 Caleb Tannor; #5 Eteva Mauga-Clements; #5 Omar Manning; #11 Casey Thompson; #18 Matt Masker; #29 Cooper Jewett; #31 Chris Kolarevic; #32 Brody Belt; #32 Ochaun Mathis; #34 Beau Psencik; #4 Simon Otte; #36 Chase Contrarez; #37 Phalen Sanford; #39 Grant Detlefsen; #40 Darius Moore; #53 Riley Moses; #53 Jake Archer; #54 Ryan Schommer; #55 Brady Weas; #58 Ian Boerkircher; #62 Noah Stafursky; #73 Broc Bando; #75 Trent Hixson; #82 Chancellor Brewington; #82 Colton Feist; #83 Travis Vokolek; #85 Wyatt Liewer; #89 Oliver Martin; #91 Devin Drew; #91 Cameron Pieper; #93 Gabe Heins

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First Quarter

Wisconsin won the toss and deferred to the second half. Tommi Hill returned the kickoff to the 30 yard line.

Casey Thompson scrambled for a first down. Facing third and 11, the ball was caught at midfield (Oliver Martin) but it was short of the line to gain. Boo’s rained down as the punt team jogged onto the field. The delay of game moved the Huskers back five more yards and Bucshini’s punt was very short (24 yards). Wiscy took over at the 30 yard line.

The Badgers, including the QB and receivers are all in short sleeves. Braelon Allen churned forward on first down. Husker defender Marques Buford was injured and carted off the field with what appears to be a significant knee injury. Phalen Sanford replaced him in the lineup. Luke Gifford was injured on the next play, but jogged off the field on his own.

The Husker defense forced a punt. Oliver Martin fair caught the ball at the 30.

Now, Ethan Piper is injured (he walks off on his own). Huskers are dropping like flies.

Three and out for Nebraska, including a sack of Thompson.

Jim Leonhard wisely remembered he had a Braelon Allen on the roster. He moved the Badgers to midfield in short order.

Husker linebacker Ernest Hausmann is playing really well. For some reason, Wiscy called a pass and the Badger drive stalled with an intentional grounding call on Graham Mertz. The Huskers tried to block the punt (and got pretty close) and Oliver Martin caught the ball at the 11.

Anthony Grant charged forward for a first down. Marcus Washington makes a first down catch and we have another injury (this time it’s a Badger). A sack and Thompson scramble end the first quarter with the Huskers facing fourth down at midfield.

Second Quarter

The Badgers take over on their 11.

Braelon Allen jogged off the field holding one arm at his side. Chez Mellusi replaces him.

Colton Feist had a nice tackle for loss, but the Badgers gained a first down on the next play. Garrett Nelson added to the TFL tally. On third and eight, Mertz made a bad decision.


Casey Thompson scrambles and puts his shoulder down rather than sliding. He got up trash talking the Wiscy defender. The dude is showing some serious fire. (But please slide next time #11).

Gabe Ervin, Jr. enters the game at running back. Anthony Grant is getting some “coaching” on the sideline.

A Trey Palmer catch moved the Huskers into the red zone. Grant is back in the game.

Thompson was being tackled but found Vokolek - who shed a couple of tackles to gain the FIRST DOWN!!! and keep the drive alive.

First and goal. Grant is met in the backfield by a bevy of Badgers.

Second and goal. Trey Palmer TOUCHDOWN!!! The play was reviewed and confirmed.

Bleekrode’s kick is good.

Nebraska 7 Wisconsin 0

Allen and Mellusi are alternating plays. Allen doesn’t look healthy, but he is still effective. The Badgers are determined to run the ball, and are succeeding.

Quinton Newsome wanted a tackle for loss too. A tight end screen nets a first down for the Badgers. Isaac Gifford knocked a completion away that would have set up first and goal or possibly even been a Badge touchdown.

Ty Robinson gets up gimpy after a play. He was clipped but that penalty was offset by Braxton Clark lining up in the neutral zone.

There are 30 seconds left in the half. The Badgers go to the air and are on the edge of the red zone. The Husker defense forces fourth and 10 with 19 seconds left in the half.

The 39 yard field goal IS SHORT!! The wind affected that kick.

Nebraska 7 Wisconsin 0


  • Kickoff temperature of today’s game was 28 degrees, tying for the fifth-coldest kickoff temperature at Memorial Stadium since 1985.
  • The 23-yard return on the interception by Malcolm Hartzog was the longest by Nebraska this season.
  • With two receptions in the first half, Palmer increased his season total to 60 catches, marking the 8th 60-catch season in Nebraska history.

Third Quarter

The Badgers, as expected, are pounding the rock. Hausmann defended a pass which caused a three and out for Wisconsin.

Husker ball at the 26.

Low snap. Drink.

Third and nine...tipped and incomplete. Punt.

Boomschini unloaded a 74 yard punt that rolled into the end zone. The wind is not messing around today.

The Badgers moved the ball well and crossed midfield within a few plays. A large completion moved them to the Husker 30.

Red zone. It doesn’t matter which running back is in, Wiscy can run the ball. It is only when they call pass plays that the Badgers falter.

10 yard line.

First and goal.

Second and goal.

Third and goal. False start.

Third and goal. Incomplete. The Husker defense was beat but the receiver couldn’t hold onto the ball. Myles Farmer laid a pretty good hit to make sure the ball wasn’t secured.

Fourth and goal. The 25 yard field goal is good.

Nebraska 7 Wisconsin 3

Casey Thompson scrambled and a Badger defender hit him after he slid. Targeting.

Thompson looked for Vokolek way down the field, but the ball was over the head of the big tight end.

Chancellor Brewington sighting! Vokolek first down past midfield.

Omar Manning sighting. Wisconsin commits a roughing the passer penalty.

Casey Thompson is taking a beating out there and is playing his heart out. I see you #11. Anthony Grant is also showing his toughness.

Red zone. Third and six.


Nebraska 14 Wisconsin 3

Fourth Quarter

The Badgers will have the wind at their back in the fourth quarter.

Braelon Allen is clearly hurting, but he is running hard. #HatTip

Wisconsin reaches midfield way too quickly. Ernest Hausmann avoids making the same mistake as Herbig and pulls up to avoid hitting a sliding Graham Mertz.

Braelon Allen got loose to reach the red zone.

The pass rush couldn’t get home and Mertz found Bell in the end zone. Unsportsmanlike conduct was called on Wisconsin for the celebration.

The Badgers elected to go for two. Incomplete.

Nebraska 14 Wisconsin 9

Thompson and Grant combine for a first down.

No gain and then a sack led to a third and 18. The handoff to Grant resulted in a short gain.

Punt. Wiscy ball at their 40.

Husker fans everywhere are bracing for the disappointment.

Nelson and Feist tackle Allen for a loss!! Allen was helped off the field and can’t put any weight on one leg.

On third and 13, the Badgers make a HUGE catch. The play was reviewed and overturned. Fourth down.

Husker ball at their 10 yard line. There are less than five minutes left in the game.

Third and seven - incomplete. Punt. Sigh.

Badger ball at midfield.

That sinking feeling...yes Husker fans. We’ve been here before.

Badger first down with 2:30 left.

Garrett Nelson is hurt.

Big catch by Guerendo. First and goal at the seven with 1:25 left.

Second and goal at the six. 53 seconds.

Third and goal at the two. 45 seconds. Touchdown.

The Badgers go for two. No good.

Wisconsin 15 Nebraska 14

There are 35 seconds left in the game.

Marcus Washington made a catch, but he threw it past the umpire and took extra time off the clock. Nebraska had to use a valuable timeout because of it.

20 seconds. One timeout. Ball on the 26. Sack.

14 seconds. No timeouts. Ball on the 26.

Complete to Palmer at the 33 with nine seconds.

Incomplete. Four seconds.


Final. Wisconsin 15 Nebraska 14