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St. Johns Hands Nebraska It’s First Defeat 70-50

Yep, we lost

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at St. John Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

It was never exactly a pretty game. Both teams started out slow. Yet, it looked like Nebraska could very well pull off the upset in the first half. A nice hot streak put the Huskers up early but St. Johns second half explosion and a Nebraska dry streak stopped any Husker chance of a win in a 70-50 win for the Red Storm.

At first, it looked like the Huskers were going to take advantage of a poor shooting St. Johns. In the end, it was the Huskers who couldn’t make their shots. In total, exactly one Nebraskan ended the night with double digit points.

That player would be the pride of Japan, Keisei Tominaga. Keisei wasn’t even starting this game. He came off the bench to take home 15 points and 2 rebounds on the night.

The next closest player was Juwan Gary who had 8 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 steals. Also of note in the single point category was C.J. Wiltcher with a whopping 5 points and exactly 1 rebound.

In the end, Nebraska shot just 29.7% from the floor. A poor 18.5% from beyond the arch. St. Johns didn’t exactly do much better but it was more than the Huskers with 39.2% from the floor and 23.8% from the three point line. They surprisingly tied at 50% from the free throw line.

I had so much hope in writing this article at half time. That pretty much went out the window in the second. The Huskers can’t play this season with this many bricks. Even teams with lesser talent will take advantage of the Huskers down the line. Hoiberg has to fix this teams shooting. If not, it will be another long season.

Nebraska returns to Lincoln on Sunday where they take on Arkansas - Pine Bluff at 2:30pm. Let’s hope for a new win streak to start then. Maybe we can make it three games this time.