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Nebraska Football’s Next Head Coach: Weekly Power Rankings - November 15th

We are likely to hear who is the next football coach within weeks. Is it going to be Matt Rhule or current sitting head football coach? This should be interesting.

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San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

This will serve as my weekly power ranking list for who will be the probable next head coach for Nebraska. This list is not who I want to see become the next head coach. This list is who I believe will become the head coach at Nebraska.

It will likely change every week depending upon rumors, wins, losses and everything else in-between.

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First: Matt Rhule, Unemployed But Carolina Panthers Still Paying

I’m sure by now that you have heard all of the rumors about Matt Rhule getting his own personal tour of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln a few days ago.

Rumors that Memorial Stadium was lit up at 9 p.m.

Even Mitch Sherman of The Athletic reported the following:

A private jet, registered to an Omaha trucking company that has provided significant financial support to the football program, flew Monday from Omaha to Charlotte, N.C., the home of Rhule, and back to Omaha.

Like Sherman says, it could simply have all been a coincidence.

But nobody has shot it down yet which makes me wonder if it was more than a coincidence.

If a candidate shows up and tours the stadium then you likely jump to the top of the list.

Change from Last Week: Was second but now sits alone atop the throne of this week’s power rankings.

Second: Lance Leipold, Head Coach Kansas

Sherman also reported that there still seems to be the indication that Trev Alberts will likely choose to hire a current sitting football coach. That would rule out Rhule.

Is Lance Leipold inevitable at this point? If he is the man then you know we probably don’t hear anything until the Sunday after the Iowa game.

If Leipold is hired would he want to coach in Kansas’ first bowl game since 2008? I would hope that isn’t a consideration at all. If you take this job then there is so much to get fixed that you can’t spend your time on a bowl game.

Are we going to care if Leipold ends up losing six of this last seven games?

Change from Last Week: Was first but dropped because of the fact that it appears Rhule was in Lincoln two days ago. Lost to Texas Tech and now is looking forward to Texas on Saturday.

Third: Jeff Monken, Head Coach Army

There is still smoke for Jeff Monken. This would be an intriguing hire.

Would he bring the triple option with him?

If he does, I hope that Alberts wouldn’t pick him because of the triple option. I hope that he would pick him because he can develop along the offensive and defensive lines. I hope it would be because he’s one heck of a football coach.

Change from Last Week: Was fourth. Army is currently 3-6 after just losing to Troy 10-9.

Fourth: Dave Doeren, Head Coach North Carolina State

His also continues to come up as he is a sitting head football coach and has North Carolina State at 7-3.

Coming up the college ranks he was an assistant at Wisconsin, Kansas, Montana and USC.

This would probably be considered a hire that wouldn’t win the press conference but at this point who cares. Just win games.

Change from Last Week: Unranked. There isn’t a lot of smoke but his name continues to get dropped again and again.

Fifth: Mickey Joseph, Interim-Head Coach Nebraska

I am a Mickey Joseph apologist. and I want him as the next head coach unless certain other candidates are available. No, that is not settling for Mickey. But if you pick between Lane Kiffin (just one example) and Mickey Joseph then you go with Kiffin.

As I said from the beginning, this power ranking list is who I think is going to be hired and not who I want to be hired. For the record, I think Lance Leipold and Matt Rhule would both be great hires.

With that said, I think the ceiling on Nebraska with Mickey Joseph is extremely high and probably higher than any other candidate on this list. I see him hiring a really good staff and let them work as he does what he does and that is recruiting.

To be honest, while the ceiling is extremely high I understand that the opposite is true with the floor. It simply may not work as he has never been asked to be a head coach at this level. I would love to see him get a chance though.

You can develop and recruit at the same time. I promise, those things are not mutually exclusive.

Change from Last Week: Dropped. We are asking him to perform miracles at this point.

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