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What About Matt Rhule As Nebraska’s Next Head Football Coach?

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

What About Matt Rhule becoming the next head coach of Nebraska football?

His name has come up a lot in discussions about the job.

He’s available, having been fired earlier this year by the Carolina Panthers.

He could be hired right now, and then everyone would stop complaining about when Nebraska fans will find out about their next head coach.

He’s been successful in the past. Rhule rebuilt Temple and took them to two consecutive conference championships, winning one. He beat Penn State 27-10 in 2015, giving Temple its first win over PSU since 1941.

After Temple, he did the same thing at Baylor, rebuilding them after the Art Briles scandal.

Then he went to the Carolina Panthers, where he failed miserably. He was fired three years into a seven-year contract and is owed around $40M. My understanding is that if someone hires him, that buyout will be reduced by the amount they’re paying him.

Rhule has a lot of experience in different coaching jobs, so he’s had a well-rounded career so far. As far as Big Ten experience, he grew up in State College, Pennsylvania and played for Joe Paterno at Penn State as a walk-on.

He also looks like an Ewok. It bothers me.

Then there’s this:

In that time, Rhule cycled through three offensive coordinators, got rid of Cam Newton, gave Teddy Bridgewater $63 million, Sam Darnold $18 million, re-signed Cam Newton before then letting him go again, and then traded for Baker Mayfield. All of that amounted to 11 wins, weird quotes about how football works, and a fanbase that has completely lost faith and interest in the Panthers.


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