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Nebraska Volleyball Falls to Ohio State on the Road in Four Sets

Hailey Haar

Nebraska 1 vs Ohio State 3- 29-31, 21-25, 28-26, 16-25

Ohio State is a very good team. They made very few errors tonight and Nebraska made too many. The errors that made a difference in this match were hitting and blocking. When a hitter hits into a block in volleyball that is an error on that hitter. We hit into the Buckeye block often.

Husker players hit into the Buckeye block often first because their block is very big and second because our setters set to the left side hitters too often. Madi Kubik had 61 attempts tonight, that is too many in a four set match.

Kennedi Orr came in to set for Anni Evans in set 3. She was effective setting the middles and made a couple key digs. Orr came in to set the middles and change the offense for Nebraska. After the match, Coach Cook said she has been practicing very well and he didn’t hesitate to bring her into the match.

Setting was the difference tonight. Out setters were not able to put the ball in the best location each repetition. Many times our right side hitters, Lindsay Krause and Whitney Lauenstein hit the antennae (out) because the set was too far outside. Out setters push the ball too low for both middles, Kaitlyn Hord and Bekka Allick.

These are fixable, changeable problems. The Nebraska setters have the physical and mental ability to make these sets but did not do it tonight. The coaching staff will continue to work through this challenge with the knowledge that solving it could make the difference in a run for a national championship.

Next up for Nebraska is Iowa at home. The Hawkeyes are in town on Friday, November 11th at 6 pm in the Devaney Center.