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Michigan Leads Nebraska 17-3 Half

Nebraska v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Michigan won the toss, deferred, so Nebraska starts with the ball.

Chubba Purdy started at quarterback. The offense didn’t go three and out. Everyone cheered.

Michigan 7 - 0

The Wolverines went on a long, methodical drive, with Blake Corum punching the ball in on a 2-yard dive. Corum and Donovon Edwards combined for 41 yards on 9 carries between them.

The drive took 12 plays, went 80 yards and lasted 6:48.

Michigan 14-0

The two teams traded many possessions with nothing particularly exciting happening. Michigan ran a series with three consecutive incomplete passes, then decided to run the ball more and scored.

Ronnie Bell was wide open on play action and picks up a 9-yard touchdown reception.

The drive took 6 plays, went 66 yards and took 3:24.

Michigan 14 - Nebraska 3

Nebraska picked up first downs with Chubba Purdy at quarterback. Everyone cheered. Purdy picked up a couple first downs while scrambling, but was injured when his knee appeared to be bent backward on a slide.

Logan Smothers entered the game and did nothing. Timmy Bleekrode hit a 37-yard field goal.

The drive lasted 11 plays, went 56 yards and took 4:36.

Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple was injured in a collision on the sideline on the ensuing kick off.

Michigan 17 - Nebraska 3

The Wolverines went on another leisurely, lengthy, methodical scoring drive. No one could figure out what they were doing as they attempted several long passes to no avail. So they farted their way down the field and scored a field goal just before half.

The drive took 12 plays, went 55 yards and lasted 4:09.