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Michigan Outlasts Nebraska 34-3

It could have been worse.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There was momentary panic in the Husker Twitterverse when Logan Smothers wasn’t spotted in warmups right away. He did put in an appearance.

Okay. Let’s get this over with.

Mood check

First Quarter

Chubba Purdy took the field for the first snap.

A first down (Purdy to Washington)!

Apparently, rather than writing “Run the ball with Anthony Grant” Mark Whipple was writing “Swing pass to Trey Palmer” on his chalkboard 100 times.


Michigan converts a fourth and two enroute to the red zone. Ernest Hausman looks good so far. A pass interference call on Gifford sets up frist and goal. Touchdown.

Michigan 7 Nebraska 0

Each team possessed the ball again with no more points scored.

Second Quarter

Michigan put together a nice touchdown drive with 8:46 left in the half.

Michigan 14 Nebraska 0

We can have some first downs!! Alante Brown made a nice catch and then went airborne.

The Wolverines committed a roughing the passer penalty on Purdy. First down. Trey Palmer dropped a ball, but Chubba scrambled for the first down and put the Huskers in the red zone.

Chubba’s hurt after an awkward slide - ankle. Logan Smothers is in the game. Now Twitter will have to complain about Whipple’s play calls rather than Purdy.

Smothers is sacked and Bleekrode comes out for the 37 yard field goal. Good.

Michigan 14 Nebraska 3

A Michigan player was pushed into the Husker sideline during the kickoff return.

Whipple looks to be in a fair bit of pain. Get well soon Coach.

Michigan drove down the field and kicked a field goal with five seconds left in the half.

Michigan 17 Nebraska 3

Third Quarter

The defense kept the Wolverines away from the end zone most of the quarter, but in the waning minute, Michigan broke through.

Michigan 24 Nebraska 3

Fourth Quarter

The Huskers put together a two minute drive but had to punt.

Michigan is running the damn ball for double digit gains each carry - with the backup running back.

A Wolverine wide receiver fumbled the ball into the end zone and it was initially ruled as recovered for a Wolverine touchdown. After replay, it was confirmed.

Michigan 31 Nebraska 3

Smothers kept the ball to convert a fourth and inches and use a bit more clock time as the quarter ticked below eight minutes.

Below four minutes.

Michigan 34 Nebraska 3

Michigan kicked a 43-yard field goal with 1:17 left to cover the 30.5 point spread.

Nebraska fell to 3-7. Michigan moved to 10-0 for the first time since 2006.