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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Michigan

Prepare for total domination

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This is it. Nebraska has everyone right where they want them. You better be on the edge of your seat for this game.

Michigan is going to wish they had a bye this week after Nebraska gets done with them.

Here are your reasons why.


Nebraska has faced top defenses the past two weeks. Michigan is no different. They may or may not be 1st in the nation in rushing defense and 2nd in total defense. That’s not a big deal though because they are 9th in passing defense. Phsshh, 9th.

Nebraska is now very comfortable playing against top defenses. That’s going to be the key to a Huskers win, comfort with the defense. Just you watch.


Brian Buschini has been a major punting upgrade for the Huskers. This season he has averaged 44.9 yards per punt. During last week’s Minnesota game Buschini averaged 55.5 yards on 6 punts.

Nebraska just needs to out punt Michigan, that’s the ticket.

You know what they say, “The team that punts the best wins the game.”


A good sign of an offense that is ready to take off is quarterback controversy. There are so many questions around this. Will Casey Thompson be able to play. Nope. Okay, then who’s next? Chubba Purdy? Logan Smothers? Both have seen snaps in the last two games.

But what is really controversial comes when Richard Torres comes out of no where to start the game. There are only three games left, so no redshirt will be burned with this and he will throw for 400 yards (remember Michigan is only ranked 9th in passing defense).

Not knowing who will be quarterback is definitely in Nebraska’s favor here.


Any team can go around and win games with a standard football coach. In fact, I believe it is the coach’s job to try and ensure that his/her team is winning a game. You know what makes the Huskers special though, they don’t just have any old coach, they have an interim coach.

That’s right, the weekly speculation about who may take over their team has been nonstop for two whole months now. That’s just exciting. It’s sure to bring out a Husker win against the Wolverines.


You may not realize this, but 2022 minus 1997 equals 25. So that means that it is the 25th anniversary of 1997. You remember that year don’t you? The one where Nebraska led by a quarterback, who was never spoken of again in this state, was the “Co-National Champions” with Michigan.

We all know that Nebraska should have been the sole champions. What a ridiculous time to be alive. Don’t fear though, because obviously since it’s the 25th anniversary, and Nebraska was the rightful champion, the Huskers will win. It’s practically written in the stars.

As you can see, Nebraska should have no problem winning on Saturday, so stay on the edge of your seats, folks.

Nebraska vs Michigan Odds

Michigan is favored by eleventybillion. sigh.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.