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Nebraska Football’s Next Head Coach: Weekly Power Rankings - November 1st

Yep. We have a new sighting in this week’s top five. This time it’s a current head coach from the ACC.

Virginia Tech v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

This will serve as my weekly power ranking list for who will be the probable next head coach for Nebraska. This list is not who I want to see become the next head coach. This list is who I believe will become the head coach at Nebraska.

It will likely change every week depending upon rumors, wins, losses and everything else in-between.

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First: Lance Leipold, Head Coach Kansas

Number one on the list and probably not number one in our hears is Lance Leipold. I wanted Mickey to jump to the top of the list with a win against Illinois but I guess that didn’t happen.

When you win everywhere you have been then I think that could be a great indicator to come which is why he is still number one on this list. You could also say that there really has been no one who has taken the reins in any form or fashion.

I’m kind of waiting for somebody or something to come along to knock Leipold of this perch but that has not happened. I’m not saying that I WANT him to get knocked off but I’m just waiting.

Change from Last Week: Still number one. Had a bye week. Is currently 5-3 an next game against Oklahoma State.

Second: Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator Alabama

Kind of like Leipold, I’m waiting for somebody to kick O’Brien down a peg on this list. until that happens it’s hard for me to move them.

Back to what I’ve said in prior weeks:

He has had head coach experience at Penn State and in the NFL. Now he is taking lessons from Nick Saban in Alabama. He went 15-9 at Penn State and 52-48 for the Houston Texans but lead them to four playoff appearances.

Unless the Alabama offense tanks or we start hearing rumors, it is likely that his position on this list may not move much.

This is what I had last week and it’s likely not going to change as he’s the OC and not a head coach. He would be lower on my list personally but according to Bruce Feldman he is in the top 3 so here ya go.

Change from Last Week: Same. Alabama had a bye week. Next up for Alabama is LSU.

Third: Mickey Joseph, Interim-Head Coach Nebraska

As I mentioned in my Morning After article, the fact that Nebraska lost to Illinois should not take away from the Mickey Joseph candidacy. In fact, I picked Nebraska to lose by 28 and they only lost by 17. So maybe it should ADD to his candidacy.

I did not knock Leipold for the play of Kansas after he lost his starting quarterback. I will not knock Mickey Joseph for the play of Nebraska after Casey Thompson was knocked out of the game. Though, there are some concerns about how the backups both looked unprepared to play.

Illinois is 7-1 and will likely be favored in three of their next four games. They could end the season 10-2 and play for the conference championship. That is a good football team and Bret Bielema has done a great job.

So no, I’m not going to knock Mickey for losing to Illinois especially when they were leading 9-6 when Casey Thompson got knocked out.

Change from Last Week: Staying put, but hoping for a jump. Next game against Minnesota. Likely without Casey Thompson.

Fourth: Dave Doeren, Head Coach North Carolina State

Well this was a last minute change from what I originally planned on publishing.

Steven Sipple of listed Doeren among three candidates that Nebraska could be going after and have a chance of getting. The other two are already on this list in Leipold and Mark Stoops.

Doeren would be a guy that would need to be sold to the Nebraska fan base. There is nothing wrong with that, just hire the right guy and go down the road.

North Carolina State is currently 6-2 with two losses. Those are to Syracuse and Clemson.

Change from Last Week: Unranked to fourth.

Fifth: Mark Stoops, Head Coach Kentucky

Maybe I should apologize to Coach Stoops for putting him on this list because it seems to be taking everybody would. Reminder that Matt Campbell was the original #1 on this list and he is now 3-5 with five straight losses.

Last week Stoops made his first appearance on this coveted list (sarcasm) and ended up losing 44-6 to Tennessee.

There is an argument that such a beatdown might be persuasive for Stoops to think maybe he has pulled everything he could out of that program. Tennessee is playing like the best team in the country right now.

Change from Last Week: Dropped one spot. Takes on Missouri this week.

The Outside Looking In (No Particular Order)

  • Bret Bielema, Illinois Head Coach — 7-1, loss to Indiana?!?!?!
  • Matt Campbell, Iowa State Head Coach — 3-5, beat Iowa
  • Dino Babers, Syracuse Head Coach — 6-2, lost two straight.
  • Dave Aranda, Baylor Head Coach — 5-3
  • Hugh Freeze, Liberty Head Coach — 7-1, only loss to Wake Forest
  • Jamey Chadwell, Head Coach Coastal Carolina — 7-1, loss to Old Dominion
  • Gary Patterson - Defensive Analyst Texas
  • Lane Kiffin - Head Coach Ole Miss — 8-1, loss to LSU
  • Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State Head Coach — 6-2, losses to Kansas State and TCU
  • Kyle Whittingham - Utah Head Coach — 6-2, losses to Florida and UCLA
  • Chris Klieman - Kansas State Head Coach — 6-2, losses to Tulane and TCU
  • Urban Meyer - Boat Captain - I put him here because Sipple mentioned him.

Coaches I Personally Think Nebraska Should Take A Closer Look At

  • Bret Bielema, Illinois Head Coach
  • Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Head Coach
  • Chris Klieman - Kansas State Head Coach