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Nebraska Beats Rutgers in What Should Go Down in Husker Lore as the “Dumpster Fire” Game

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

That was a dumpster fire. Nebraska was not good. Rutgers was no different.

I mean.

If some looked to soothe their palate after the awful Thursday night NFL football game by tuning in to the Nebraska - Rutgers game, then they were sorely disappointed.

It was bad. Yet, one should ask yourself. If your team was playing in a “dumpster fire” game would you be happy that they won?

Of course and Nebraska fans should be as well. We have no reason to be picky when it comes to winning the season.

Mickey Joseph’s team just needs to find a way to win. They did. This should be celebrated. You have to start somewhere.

We can and should talk about how disjointed the offense looked on Friday night. Or how the special teams looked like the special teams of old.

But what we should also talk about is this Busch-led defense which has shut out both Indiana and Rutgers in the second half of their respective games. It is true that Rutgers is a bad offense right now and Indiana was without it’s “top two wide receivers” which I heard probably one-hundred times since the win last week.

Do you know who else struggles on offense?

Iowa and Wisconsin.

Would we complain if we end up winning those games? Nope.

So let’s enjoy this win for the weekend and get ready for Nebraska to take on Purdue.

The Morning After

Fast Takes after a beautiful ugly Husker win over Rutgers
How'd that happen?

It felt like a boulder was on their back and and cement shoes were strapped to their feet at times. And did they have to sew Casey Thompson's arm back on at halftime? Maybe? Probably. There was rave music bouncing from the speakers and it just seemed like one of those Friday nights with the fellas that didn't go as you thought it would back around dinnertime

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Here are three instant takes from Nebraska’s 14-13 win over Rutgers, its first consecutive Big Ten wins since 2018:

Friday is Davison's final call in the radio booth as he takes new role with NIL collective
Friday's Nebraska-Rutgers game will mark Matt Davison's last call in the radio booth, he announced just prior to kickoff on the Huskers Radio Network.

Davison made public the news with Huskers athletics director Trev Alberts also in the booth saluting him for his time broadcasting and also as a senior member of the Nebraska athletics department.

Report Card: Huskers fight back, walk away with win at Rutgers
Nebraska football erased a 13-0 deficit in the second half of the 14-13 win over Rutgers on Friday night. It took almost everything to go right for the Huskers in the second half, but NU put itself in position to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

How'd the team grade out overall? Pretty interesting considering the weird, gritty win.

Rutgers and Nebraska’s football recruiting classes neck-and-neck heading into Friday’s Blackout -
Friday’s game could affect Rutgers and Nebraska’s head-to-head recruiting matchup as their 2023 recruiting classes are separated by just percentage points.