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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 6

There’s a sliver of great at the top and a mud pile at the bottom

Illinois v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State should be fine. The rest of the conference is a mishmash of bad coaching and underperforming players. Illinois is looking up while Minnesota hit a bump in the road on the way to trying to win the west.

We also have two teams with interim coaches in Nebraska and Wisconsin. This is what you get at the beginning of October when you have more money than God coming your way. Money can make people go out of sight and out of mind very quickly in the modern age of college football.

So, we have this weeks rankings. It’s not pretty but there is plenty of time for improvement.

1. Ohio State (5-0 & 2-0 Big Ten) - Beat Rutgers 49-10

Last week ranked #1

Ohio State absolutely murdered Rutgers and didn’t leave much of the body. Good on you Buckeyes as you are still carrying this conference’s water for the most part as very few want to help you out. At least you have Michigan...

2. Michigan (5-0 & 2-0 Big Ten) - Beat Iowa 27-14

Last week ranked #2

I refused to watch this game. To be honest, Michigan scored more than I expected. Maybe the Wolverines can beat Ohio State for a second year in a row?

3. Penn State (5-0 & 2-0 Big Ten ) Beat Northwestern 17-7

Last week ranked #3

You’re staying at three because there’s a mess below you and I still have faith that the Nittany Lions will make a decent run this year. What were you doing against Northwestern? You should have stomped them. A win is a win but you’re Penn State.

4. Illinois (4-1 & 1-1 Big Ten) Beat Wisconsin 34-10

Last week ranked #6

I had a feeling that Illinois was going to be a decent team this year and so far they have proved it. Bret went to where he got his head coaching start and made them regret running you off to hog country. Good job, now keep it up.

5. Maryland (4-1 & 1-1 Big Ten) Beat Michigan State 27-13

Last week ranked #9

Maryland might just be the fifth best team in the conference but time will tell. Still have yet to watch a single game that they have played.

6. Purdue (3-2 & 1-1 Big Ten) Beat Minnesota 20-10

Last week ranked #10

You’re probably ranked too high but I can’t really think of a reason to put you any lower at this point.

7. Minnesota (4-1 & 1-1 Big Ten) Lost to Purdue 10-20

Last week ranked #4

PJ still has a good team, just a bad game. I still think they will end up at the top of the division when it is all said and done. If not, I’m looking towards Illinois.

8. Iowa (3-2 & 1-1 Big Ten) Lost to Michigan 14-27

Last week ranked #5

You are probably ranked too low but with an offense like that, it’s what you get.

9. Michigan State (2-3 & 0-2 Big Ten) Lost to Maryland 13-27

Last week ranked #8

I have no clue what to make of this team.

10. Wisconsin (2-3 & 0-2 Big Ten) Lost to Illinois 10-34

Last week ranked #7

Former Wisconsin head coach Bret Belema got Wisconsin’s current head coach fired. In Madison mind you. Now Bucky is on the hunt for their future.

11. Rutgers (3-2 & 0-2 Big Ten) Lost to Ohio State 10-49

Last week ranked #11

Keep on truckin’ Rutgers. Slow and steady will get you somewhere. There’s promise in this team for bowl eligibility. Now you just really need to beat Nebraska at home this Friday. Even though it’s against a team with an interim head coach, a Big Ten win at home would be huge.

12. Northwestern (1-4 & 1-1 Big Ten) Lost to Penn State 7-17

Last week ranked #13

The only reason you are this high is because you beat Nebraska in front of the entire country of Ireland and most of the United States. I fully expect to drop you next week to #14. Well, if Nebraska loses to Rutgers then maybe #13...

13. Nebraska (2-3 & 1-1 Big Ten) Beat Indiana 35-21

Last week ranked #14

Nice ugly win Nebraska. Now, don’t get beat in New Jersey.

14. Indiana (3-2 & 1-1 Big Ten) Lost to Nebraska 21-35

Last week ranked #12

Allen’s time might be up in Bloomington. That’s what you get for succeeding during the Covid year.