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Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy: Why some are fine living in a fishbowl

Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Jon & Todd’s Monday Night Therapy Session will discuss:

  • Nebraska’s win over Indiana
  • The Suckage that is the Big Ten West
  • Paul Chryst being fired at Wisconsin
  • Why some people are perfectly fine with high-stress jobs and living in a fishbowl

Did you know Todd was a high school principal at three different towns? He was! He did it for 23 years. I asked Todd about why he would take a job where he knew he would be a target.

There are so many people complaining about Nebraska’s job requiring someone to “live in a fishbowl”, or deal with high-stress situations. Some people see jobs with high stress and high profiles as a challenge, and they’re more than happy to take those jobs because they’ll get to be a savior and/or a miracle worker if they are successful.

Todd gives us some insight why someone would do that. We also talk about “fit”- as in knowing where you fit into an organization, or why a person might be the right fit for one role but not another.


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