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Nebraska Takes Care of Business Against Maryland

Nebraska v Creighton Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska 3 vs Maryland 0 - 25-16, 25-9, 25-19

Nebraska’s servers made Maryland passers uncomfortable which forced their passes well off the net. Once Maryland’s setter, Sydney Dowler, was off the net, their offense became predictable. She set to the outside 60% of the time. This predictable offense allowed the Husker block to set up camp.

Nebraska executed well in many facets of the match tonight but aces and blocks were pivotal in the win. Huskers served six aces, compared to the Terrapin’s zero aces. In sum, Nebraska served tough and caused problems for Maryland.

The tough serves led to big blocks. Nebraska had 12 total team blocks tonight, while Maryland had just five. Kaitlyn Hord led the way with nine block assist and Whitney Lauenstein with eight. Because of this dominant blocking performance, Maryland ended the match hitting .000.

Nebraska had a lull in set three where serve receive passing broke down. This allowed Maryland to pull within two points. Let’s mark this for future matches; Terrapin servers attacked Kenzie Knuckles and Lexi Rodriguez. These two passers are normally rocks but have faltered in the last two matches.

Coach Cook talked about the importance of serve receive passing after the loss to Wisconsin. This one part of the game can make such a difference. That the Husker opponents’ scouting reports are telling them to serve to to Lexi and Kenzie, not away from them, is a pretty significant development.

Next up at home for Nebraska is Indiana on Wednesday November 2nd at 8 pm.