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Some Big Recruits Will Be Visiting For The Illinois Game

Here's a list of kids that could be Huskers in the near future!

Hold on to your butts!

It's very rare that an offensive lineman can play as a true freshman, but when you're as talented as Bo Hughley & you have an offensive line as atrocious as Nebraska, it can definitely happen. This would be a mammoth recruiting haul by Mickey & Co.


It's a good chance Dylan is still solid to Ohio State & just here visiting with his dad and little brother, but with the new positive energy coming out of Hawks Championship Center after Mickey Joseph was handed the keys to the Chevelle, he could be enthralled.

If we win tomorrow, it would improve things in the Dylan Raiola recruitment bigly.

The 3 star wideout from the Atlanta area is visiting Lincoln again. I admit, I was wrong about Barry Jackson. The kid is a BALLER and can flat out play. I will never doubt Mickey Joseph's eye for receivers ever again. He is one of the best receivers in the state of Georgia and we will have to fight off SEC schools to keep his commitment down the stretch.

Big time prospect. You always love to flip a recruit from a rival, but most importantly, Mr. Howard fills a need. He is a great nose tackle I could see manning the middle for the Blackshirts.

There are some other kids visiting this weekend, however, these kids are the ones I'm particularly high on & deem as the most important.