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Five Heart Podcast 300: The One Where We Accidentally Left Jon By Himself

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Oof! Did I ever drop the ball on this one or what?

I don’t know how Jon covered for my absence, but I guarantee you whatever he said was cooler than what actually happened. So first I want to apologize to you all for missing the show.

Hoss had a good reason for not being there - as he has been in “job interview prep mode” all week and we didn’t want to ruin his concentration. We truly wish him all the best in his interviews as he goes to put that Masters Degree to use.

Now...Nebraska hosts #17 Illinois on Saturday. Chase Brown is the country’s top rusher. And Bert has the Illini playing their best football in over a decade. What are the odds the Defense can get the stops when they need to? Has Mickey Joseph adjusted the front five to put an offensive line out there that doesn’t operate like a sieve?

I’m really excited to join you in listening to this episode, and my deepest regrets to my wingman for not being there last night.