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Nebraska’s Next Head Football Coach: Prepare To Be Disappointed

It’s just the way we are as humans.

Georgia Southern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Every day I look at message boards, social media - every place possible - for news of Nebraska’s next head football coach. There is very little in the way of tangible evidence of who it will be.

Regardless of whom is hired, Nebraska fans should prepare themselves for disappointment.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t quality coaches available; the problem is the likelihood of it being “your guy” is very low.

Add to that - by the time Trev Alberts makes this announcement, the subject of “Nebraska’s next head football coach” will have been beaten to death to the point we’ll be tired of it. AND we will have built a list of negativity about every potential candidate so that no one looks like they’d be a good hire.

Matt Campbell, Lance Leipold, Dave Aranda; I believe all would be good hires, but, alas, the shine they once held has been rubbed off now that they have lost some games this season.

The exception is Mickey Joseph, of course. If Joseph can get this team some wins, make a bowl game or (HOLY COW) somehow win the Big Ten West, he’d deserve a shot at the head coach job. I think most Nebraskans could agree on that.

Everyone else? We’re probably not going to be happy no matter who Trev hires.

Watch the video. It’s not that long.

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