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Is Nebraska Due to Change Up their Uniforms

Hear me out, we’re talking about tweaks

Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

For many years Nebraska was the pinnacle of college football and the Red N meant that you were going to face not only one of the best programs but maybe the most physical. But times have changed. Nebraska has experienced nearly a decade of embarrassment and too many people ask, why does Netflix have a football helmet.

Does Nebraska Need to Change Up their Uniforms?

Now hopefully you’re still with me. I’m not claiming that Nebraska needs full sail changes or to turn into the Midwest’s version of Oregon or Maryland. But has the Nebraska brand gone stale? And we all know players love different uniform combinations. Could some small tweaks and changes be good for Nebraska? I give my full ideas in the video above, but here are some highlights.


Nebraska should never go away from the Red N and it should be their main helmet logo. But why not mix it up on a more regular basis? Against Oklahoma in 2021 they wore grey face masks, why not wear those more? How about the interlocking NU? That was part of a throwback a few years ago. How about script Huskers? Michigan State has worn script State at times and it looks good.

While switching it up game to game may not be a good idea, but why not mix it up more throughout the year. Wear all four of those options at some point.

Red Sea Game

Nebraska has gone with the alternate uniforms at times with some looking good and others being downright awful. Why not have a permanent alternative uniform similar to what Ohio State does with their all blacks. But instead of black have a unique all red uniform?

Every year Nebraska can bust out these all red uniforms for a big game and we can call it the Red Sea Game. Or even the the Red Out. Either way it will be a big time atmosphere and get everyone fired up.