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Five Heart Podcast 299: I TOLD YOU TO BET THE OVER

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Back on a Wednesday night, because life happens. Last Saturday night saw Nebraska come up just short of Purdue, 43-37.

I said it after the game that while the faces are the same (with the exception of IGC), this is 100% a different team than the one that flew to Ireland back in August. This team continues to fight. This team is scoring a lot of points (THOMPSON TO PALMER) and this team, I feel, is on the right trajectory.

But boy howdy, did Aiden O’Connell have himself a day as well.

In this episode, Jon, Greg, and Dr. Offense will talk about Purdue game, where the team is at after seven games, and where they are headed.

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