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Huskers React Results: Schedule changes and special teams improvement

I don’t want no pod. A pod is a format that can’t get no love from Huskers

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Nebraska Cornhuskers fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate.

The latest round of Reacts polling is complete with some surprising results in this week’s questions. First up in that category, though perhaps on the lower end of “surprising,” is that a majority of Husker fans seem to prefer a Week Zero game on the schedule in order to have two bye weeks.

Next up in the surprising results is the fact special teams won a plurality for the most improved since Scott Frost was fired. I say that in the sense that the question was asking about since Frost’s firing, not since the 2021 season. Sure the defense gave up big yards to Purdue in the most recent outing, but personally I would have figured fans would have given more votes toward a defensive group is all.

Less surprising on the fact it wasn’t a majority, but perhaps still surprising to an extent is that 47 percent of fans currently believe this team can find the two wins needed for a bowl game. With just five games left and two of those against ranked teams, that means just barely under a majority think this team will sweep the other three (though just one of those is a road game). That is a tough ask that might lead one to have expected a few points lower on the results.

Finally, we wanted to know fans’ opinions on the football schedule for 2023 and beyond. It would seem there is no consensus and the results are incredibly tight, overall. By the slimmest of margins, Husker fans want to see divisions stick around for good even after UCLA and USC are added. Of course, we didn’t press for details on how that would work, regional, competitive, or rotating realignment every set period of time. This just isn’t possible in the weekly polling formats.

However, by just two points behind, fans want to keep divisions for just one more year and then move to pods once the league expands to 16-teams in 2024. 13-points behind that, fans want to see pods come on the scene for 2023 and then just expand them once the Big Ten expands again.

As for national results this week, SB Nation readers are most excited for UCLA at Oregon. However, Syracuse at Clemson and Texas at Oklahoma State are tight in second and third places, respectively. Kansas State at TCU is a bit further back in fourth, and no other games reached double digits.

As for the Big Ten race, Ohio State fell just shy of a super-majority of votes as the fan favorite to win the Big Ten. Michigan was the only remotely competitive pick after that, but that’s not really saying much with just 32 percent of the vote.

Finally, out the national results this week, the other question we’re highlighting is regarding the College Football Playoff. Asked whether fans believe a team that doesn’t even win its own division, let alone its conference, should get a berth in the CFP, just under a majority believe so. 54 percent hold that a team should not be let into the current CFP if it can’t even win its own division.

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