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Rapid Reaction: Nebraska Loses To Purdue 43-37

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska loses to Purdue 43-37 in a game that after the first half looked like it was going to be a beat down.

Nebraska’s Trey Palmer had a record-setting day with 237 yards receiving. The record was previously held by JD Spielman with 208 yards.

Palmer had 297 yards on 8 touches. That’s.... amazing to say the least.

Casey Thompson played well, but threw two interceptions that likely cost our beloved Huskers the game.

Nebraska’s defense clearly had issues because they are not very good. They faced a NFL quarterback in Aidan O’Connell, and he made play after play. You gotta give it up for him and Devin Mockobee, the dude you wouldn’t want to tackle if you were playing kill the carrier.

It was a pretty decent game. It’s unfortunate Nebraska lost.

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