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Purdue Leads Nebraska 27-13 At Half

There’s a lot of bad all around.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Reimer is out. Nebraska started Eteva Mauga-Clements alongside Nick Henrich.

The right side of the Nebraska offensive line is Hunter Anthony at tackle and Henry Lutovsky at guard.

Nebraska won the toss and deferred to the second half.

The Boilers moved down the field quickly and in chunks on Purdue’s first possesion, but Aidan O’ Connell threw an interception to Malcom Hartzog. Directly to Hartzog, as if he were the intended receiver.

Purdue 7 - 0

Nebraska picked up a first down, but had to punt. Brian Buschini boomed a 52-yard punt for a touchback.

Purdue moved down the field in chunks. Backup running back Devin Mockobee proved difficult to tackle, with BTN announcer referring to him as “Crazy Legs”. He accounted for 43 of the yards in the scoring drive.

Nebraska’s defense stiffened near the goal line, but on 3rd and 2, O’Connell hit TJ Sheffield for a 2-yard touchdown reception.

Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 3:40

PAT KICK by M.Fineran GOOD

Purdue 10 - 0

Nebraska’s next possession was a three and out. Casey Thompson was blindsided by Purdue linebacker Jalen Graham. Thompson fumbled the ball, but Nebraska recovered. It was a 14-yard loss. That effectively ended the drive.

Purdue got the ball back. Nebraska’s defense did better, forcing a 3rd and 12 on the first set of downs, but Charlie Jones made an amazing catch to pick up the first down. Nebraska forced a 3rd and 10 later in the drive, and Purdue failed to pick up a first down.

Mitchell Fineran kicked a 37-yard field goal.

Purdue 10 - Nebraska 7

Nebraska’s passing game went to work on the next drive. Thompson hit Marcus Washington for 5 yards, then 10 yards to Palmer, and then hit a 45-yard pass to Oliver Martin who advanced it to the Purdue 17 yard line.

The Huskers ran the bail twice, failing to pick up a first down. On 3rd, Thompson tried to hit Washington in the end zone. The pass went incomplete, but Kydran Jenkins was called for roughing the passer. The play resulted in a first down at the Purdue three yard line.

Jacquez Yant scored from the one on an off-tackle dive.

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 76 yards, 2:49

PAT KICK by T.Bleekrode GOOD

Nebraska 10 - Purdue 10

Nebraska forced a punt on Purdue’s next possession. Jack Ansell’s punt was blocked by Phalen Sanford, giving Nebraska the ball at the 39.

Anthony Grant ran for 6 yards, then Thompson hit Palmer for a 39-yard reception. Unfortunately the drive stalled as Thompson was sacked by Jack Sullivan.

Timmy Bleekrode hit a 36-yard field goal to tie the game.

Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 43 yards, 2:10

Purdue 17 - Nebraska 10

Nebraska’s defense returned to its “sieve” mode, again giving up yardage to the Boilermakers in chunks. O’Connell hit Sheffield for 18, then a play later, he hit Charlie Jones for a 31-yard reception. Jones ran a slant, burning Nebraska cornerback Quinton Newsome and ran to the end zone untouched.

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, 3:12

Purdue 20 - Nebraska 10

Casey Thompson threw a horrible low, flat pass that was intercepted by Clyde Washington. Travis Vokolek was open for a big gain had Thompson been able to get the ball over the linebacker.

Nebraska’s defense held Purdue to a three and out, then Fineran kicked a 37-yard field goal.

Scoring Drive: 4 plays, 5 yards, 0:46

Purdue 27 - Nebraska 10

Nebraska’s offense went three and out as Thompson was sacked twice in a row, forcing Buschini to punt from deep in the Nebraska end zone. The punt went only 32 yards. Charlie Jones had a one-yard return to start at the 39.

Purdue’s Devin Mockobee scored a one-yard run to move the score to 27-10. Mockobee was the drive as he had 7 carries for 39 yards on the scoring possession.

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 39 yards, 2:13

Purdue 27 - Nebraska 13

Nebraska got the ball back and went on the move just before half. Rahmir Johnson got his first rush of the season for 17 yards. Then Thompson under pressure scrambled then ran for 31 yards to the Purdue 27.

Timmy Bleekrode hit a 43-yard field goal as the half ran out.

Nebraska’s defense at half gave up 296 yards of offense and forced only one punt.

Devin Mockobee was some kind of wrecking machine in the first half as is pointed out here:

Mockobee, a walk-on, had 115 rushing yards in the first half. Nebraska gave up four sacks, and the interception. Those were the difference in the first half.