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Purdue 43 Nebraska 37 Recap and Evening Thread

This was a slightly better score than I expected but a loss still stinks

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A change at offensive line

Mood check

First Half

The Boilers gashed Nebraska for a big gain right out of the gate and quickly approached midfield. An offsides penalty on the Huskers aided the cause. O’Connell dialed up a bomb for the end zone but MALCOLM HARTZOG intercepts the ball!!

Mark Whipple went right to Anthony Grant and Trey Palmer, who rewarded him with nine yards. Grant picked up the first down.

Marcus Washington was wide open along the sideline and Casey Thompson found him on the rollout for a big gain. The Huskers faced third and eight near midfield - incomplete. Punt.

Missed tackles. Drink.

Another chunk play and a targeting call on Myles Farmer was overturned on review. Purdue moved into the red zone with some chunk plays.

First and goal. Short.

Second and goal. Incomplete.

Third and goal. Touchdown.

Purdue 7 Nebraska 0

Near disaster when Thompson was hit on the blind side but Trent Hixson recovered the ball inside the 15.

On third and 17. Incomplete. Punt. Again.

Stop me if you have heard this before, but Purdue moved the ball in chunks down the field including one amazing catch.

The defense held them outside of the red zone. Field goal was good.

Purdue 10 Nebraska 0

Jaq Yant sighting. For some reason, he refused to follow his blockers and only gained a few when he could have had a big run. Fortunately, Trey Palmer cleaned it up for the first down.


The Huskers are in the red zone. Jaq Yant showed some speed to the edge. A pass to Washington was incomplete. It looked like interference, but the flag was for roughing the passer instead.

First and goal. Grant came SO close to breaking that one into paydirt.

Second and goal. Jaq Yant touchdown!!!!

Purdue 10 Nebraska 7

#ChunkPlays again got the Boilers to midfield in short order.

The defense put up the stop sign and forced a Boiler punt. BLOCKED!! Husker ball at their 40. TREY PALMER IS A DUDE!! The Huskers are in the red zone.

Thompson was sacked on third down. The field goal is good.

Nebraska 10 Purdue 10

Have we mentioned chunk plays? Touchdown Boilermakers.

Purdue 17 Nebraska 10

Tommi Hill had a nice return, but then Thompson threw an interception. Boiler ball at the Husker 25.

The Nebraska defense put up the stop sign and forced a fourth and five. The 37 yard field goal attempt was good.

Purdue 20 Nebraska 10

Three and out for Nebraska and a short punt gave the Boilermakers good field position.

Purdue moved into the red zone in short order.

First and goal at the one. Short.

Second and goal. Touchdown.

Purdue 27 Nebraska 10

Rahmir Johnson sighting!!! The speedy back broke one out to the 42.

Casey Thomspon scrambled for a big gain!! That set up the Huskers for a 43 yard field goal attempt with five seconds left in the half. Bleekrode’s kick is good.

Purdue 27 Nebraska 13


Second Half

Hill had a nice return to set up Nebraska past the 30. On third down...cue Travis Vokolek.

One play later...Thompson to Palmer TOUCHDOWN!!

Purdue 27 Nebraska 20

The Purdue returner was dropped just short of the 20 and was almost displaced of the pigskin.

Missed tackles. Drink.

The Boilermakers moved past midfield but the defense did their halftime adjustment thing and forced a punt.

Three and out. Punt. The defense might have to score. Buschini looked like he re-aggravated the toe injury. At least he looked like he was limping a bit to me after that punt.

The Boilers got into Husker territory in short order. The Huskers are rushing three on most plays and dropping eight. There won’t be many sacks that way, but Nebraska is limiting the damage O’Connell can do through the air.

The Purdue field goal was no good.


First and goal. Incomplete.

Second and goal. Incomplete.

Third and goal. Thompson missed a WIDE OPEN receiver.

Bleekrode’s field goal was good.

Purdue 27 Nebraska 23

More chunk plays...until we can haz a tackle for loss (Garrett Nelson)

Oh wait, missed tackles. Touchdown Purdue.

Purdue 34 Nebraska 23

Maybe Purdue will try an onside kick????!!??


Purdue 34 Nebraska 30

The Purdue returner made an ill-advised attempt to return the kickoff and was dropped at the 10.

On third and one, Purdue looked like they had a big gain, but offensive pass interference (justified) called it back to third and 11.

Sigh. They completed the pass.

Nebraska continues to send three and drop eight except for a few plays where they send a fourth person after the QB. I can’t dispute the plan (for the most part).

Fourth and A FREAKING INCH at midfield and Purdue decides to go for it. The Boilers got the inch and 15 or so more yards. Nebraska has been bad at setting the edge all night.

The Purdue field goal was good. There are 10 minutes left in the game.

Purdue 37 Nebraska 30

After a few nice plays, Thompson thew another interception. Purdue ball.

First and goal. Touchdown. The extra point was no good.

Purdue 43 Nebraska 30

The clock reads 6:55 left in the game.


First and goal. Short.


Purdue 43 Nebraska 37

The clock reads 5:55.

The Huskers forced a fourth and one at midfield with 3:26. Purdue elects to go for it. Timeout.

O’Connell converts.

Tick Tock.

Roughing the passer on Nebraska. Tick tock.

2:21 left. First and 10 at the 19 yard line.

Victory formation.