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Nebraska vs Purdue: Preview And Bold Prediction

Purdue ain’t no juggernaut.

Purdue v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Nebraska goes up against Purdue as a 13-point underdog. The last time Nebraska won as a double-digit dog on the road was 2005. Or 1666. Anyway, it was a long time ago.

Purdue has one thing the last two Nebraska opponents didn’t have; a quarterback. Nebraska can’t let Aidan O’Connell just sit back in the pocket. This is the game where Ochaun Mathis must earn his NIL money, otherwise, O’Connell will hit Charlie Jones and Payne Durham over and over and slaughter our beloved Huskers.

Nebraska’s offense can’t just run the ball all the time. It’d be nice, but our offensive line can’t block well enough to do that, and you have offensive weapons other than Anthony Grant to soften up the Purdue defense, namely Trey Palmer, Travis Vokolek and Marcus Washington.

Mark Whipple will have to mix it up to win.

Can Nebraska beat Purdue? Will Nebraska beat Purdue?

If the Huskers win, how will it happen?

I tell you the how and give you a very bold prediction at the end.


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