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Nebraska Football’s Next Head Coach: Weekly Power Rankings - October 11th

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

This will serve as my weekly power ranking list for who will be the probable next head coach for Nebraska. This list is not who I want to see become the next head coach. This list is who I believe will become the head coach at Nebraska.

It will likely change every week depending upon rumors, wins, losses and everything else in-between.

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First: Lance Leipold, Head Coach Kansas

Seems to the the placeholder here at the top for the time being.

One of the main possible suitor was going to be Wisconsin for Leipold but it sounds like everybody at Wisconsin wants Jim Leonard to take the reigns and run with it. This last weekend he Northwestern 42-7. He might be turning things around quickly.

Another threat is that Kansas has made it publicly known that they are going to start investing heavily into their football program.

Would that be enough to convince Leipold to stay? Somewhere comfortable and still make a cool $5 million plus or so at some point. He is currently making $3.5 million and I’m sure that’s going to go up after this season.

Change from Last Week: Hold. Lost to 17th ranked TCU at home. Is currently 5-1 on the season and 2-1 in the Big 12.

Second: Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator Alabama

He has had head coach experience at Penn State and in the NFL. Now he is taking lessons from Nick Saban in Alabama. He went 15-9 at Penn State and 52-48 for the Houston Texans but lead them to four playoff appearances.

Unless the Alabama offense tanks or we start hearing rumors, it is likely that his position on this list may not move much.

This is what I had last week and it’s likely not going to change as he’s the OC and not a head coach. He would be lower on my list personally but according to Bruce Feldman he is in the top 3 so here ya go.

Change from Last Week: Up one spot. Playing with his backup quarterback, Alabama scored JUST enough points to get the win against Texas A&M.

Third: Mickey Joseph, Interim-Head Coach Nebraska

This is the first time Nebraska has now won two conference games in a row since 2018. Also, this was a one-score game in which Nebraska actually won a game. Those two things, as sad as they are, mean something and Mickey Joseph continues to do well in his “interview” for the head coaching job.

Besides Dave Aranda, there really is no other coach out there that is close to a consensus besides Mickey Joseph for Nebraska fans.

Change from Last Week: Up one spot. Beat Rutgers 14-13 and now has a chance to win three games in a row which is something Scott Frost never did.

Fourth: Dave Aranda, Head Coach Baylor

Probably the closest to a consensus pick but the question is whether Aranda would even be interested at all. You would think that Mickey Joseph and Bill Busch could be good connections for Aranda to make a transition.

However, it sounds like Aranda turned down both LSU and USC last year. I would agree that Nebraska is not the “better” job when compared to those two merely when it comes to recruiting base. However, it is a different job in the Big Ten which might appeal to different coaches.

The LSU and USC programs are “flashy” and I’m not sure that would be fit his personality. Also, since he turned won those two programs there has been a lot of changes in the landscape of college football. Would he see this as an opportunity to jump to the Big Ten for some stability?

Change from Last Week: Up a spot. Had a bye week.

Fifth: Matt Rhule, Just Fired Head Coach of Carolina Panthers

What I found surprising was how many of the national media mentioned Matt Rhule for the Nebraska job yesterday. My main concern is that I’ve heard he was ahead of the game in how he would find players in using verified explosive times. It seems to be the fact that coaches who were ahead of their times will at some point be behind the times. Maybe that doesn’t apply to Rhule but maybe it does.

Regardless he would likely be a successful hire.

Change from Last Week: Jumped up from The Outside Looking In after getting fired by Carolina and with Matt Campbell losing three in a row.

Dropped: Matt Campbell, Iowa State Head Coach

Matt Campbell has dropped from the list at this point because he has lost three games in a row. Also, that win over Iowa continues to lose it’s luster week-after-week. To be fair, those three losses were to Baylor, Kansas and Kansas State who all have coaches that some consider to be candidates for the Nebraska job. I do not consider Chris Kleiman, of Kansas State, to be a candidate because it appears he hates the social events and everything that would be required of a Nebraska coach. He obviously is a great football coach but it doesn’t appear to be a fit for Nebraska. I would love to be wrong.

Unfortunately, Iowa State is matched up against Texas this week. It could be a four game losing streak for Matt Campbell. It’s also an opportunity to turn things around.

The Outside Looking In (No Particular Order)

  • Matt Campbell, Iowa State Head Coach
  • Bret Bielema, Illinois Head Coach
  • Mark Stoops, Kentucky Head Coach
  • Dave Doeren, North Carolina State Head Coach
  • Bronco Mendenhall, Retired
  • Jamey Chadwell, Head Coach Coastal Carolina
  • Gary Patterson - Defensive Analyst Texas
  • Lane Kiffin - Head Coach Ole Miss
  • Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State Head Coach

Coaches I Personally Think Nebraska Should Take A Closer Look At

  • Bret Bielema, Illinois Head Coach
  • Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Head Coach
  • Dave Doeren, North Carolina State Head Coach