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The 24 HOUR RHULE: Some Random Thoughts Halfway Home

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas
A new player has entered the game...
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Some weeks, I just really have no strong feelings about anything and I can find some small giggles but the big laughs don’t quite come. Okay, one did but it was so beyond dark and inappropriate it will never be printed here. Just know it exists and judge me accordingly.

So anyway, with the Huskers at 3-3 and still tied atop the Big 10 West after another ugly fourth quarter win, I feel it is a time for reflection. Reflection of - holy motherf-*-*-n crap, we just got two straight Big 10 4th quarter wins!!!!

The downside? I really felt this was the game in which the offensive line had to show they were making strides against a Rutgers D-line which had been tough before being rolled by Ohio State. I expected a grinder but if we couldn’t win that battle overall, heartwarming stories for the remainder of 2022 would be tough to come by.

Anthony Grant gained 47 yards and 45 of them were yards after contact. Casey Thompson took a beating. I’m still firmly in the “Hope is a good thing, Red,” camp, but it will take more than hope to churn out these type of wins in the next three games. So am I skeptical we can churn out things like bowl game, B1G title and Mickey head coach after that? Yes.

Am I giving up after the first rays of sunshine in 2022? What do you think?

On to some random thoughts.


First off, let’s get it out there - these rankings haven’t changed at all from my original thoughts on the subject. But let’s revisit even if it doesn’t involve a re-ranking. Lance Leipold has done nothing to lose the top spot. Rhule’s firing solidifies #2 along with rumors…he wants it! I’m doubling down on Dave Aranda being in play. Mickey held his spot. And the thought of a Deion hire causing half of western Nebraska to self-immolate still makes me laugh like DeNiro in the theater in Cape Fear. But? Let’s review:

1) Lance Leipold - stock just continues to rise
2) Matt Rhule - as predicted, has become available.
3) Dave Aranda - some writing him off, I’m holding firm
4) Mickey Joseph - against Indiana and Rutgers, did nothing to drop. Now comes Purdue, Illinois and Minnesota and a chance to start climbing over people
5) Coach Prime Time - I’ll leave him here since no one else has emerged who really interests me. However, I almost want him back at Jackson St. next season for JSU-Alabama St. Part 2.


At some point next Saturday night-

Okay at damn near every point of each star in the sky, I will again contract Husker football Tourette’s and curse repeatedly and uncontrollably at Purdue, their players, their coaches and the entire horrid state of Indiana. Unapologetically.

So before that happens, I just want to give a quick salute to some of my favorite Boilermakers:

- Drew Brees for leading the Big 10 4th Place Boilermakers over Top 5 dog-ass Kansas State who would have been playing for the national title had they not gagged against Texas A&M in the Big 12 title game. And then did their typically weepy “We d’int wanna be here anyway,” after losing to an unranked opponent in the bowl game.
- Rod Woodson - truly one of the greats
- Mike Alstott - only FB ever on the cover of Madden?
- Kyle Orton - made the neckbeard stylish
- Cliff Avril - Legion of Boom
- Keena Turner - A player…and simply the best (c’mon old people, laugh with me)
- Rondale Moore - Fair to say the guy who put them on their current map?


Circa 1980, this was next level football simulation. You just had to love the Veer.
Andy Ketterson

This could be its own column which no one would ever read so let’s go with a few sentences, a quick list and call it good.

NFL Strategy was the first tabletop football game ever which did not have dice, did have individual play cards with diagrams, had a clock on which time ran off by pulling the cards out of the slot, and play results were based on which hashmark (or middle of the field) the ball was snapped.

And everyone had the same play cards and there were only the home and the visitor so it was just mano a’ mano. Great times and we were big enough nerds we would keep stats and then hit the yard or the park afterward to start firing the ball around the yard. It was no accident the guy I played this with the most? Yep - we split all the starts at QB on our high school team when we were seniors. NFL Strategy, baby - long live the VEER.

NFL Strategy Memories
- At the time, the play selection available (see play cards list on right on this link) was otherwordly.
- And the double-spring two-toned bobber was the height of technology.
- Well, that and the clear defensive card which when stacked on the offensive play card (see pic above) showed both formations/plays against each other.
- Favorite offensive call usually ending in disaster - Flea Flicker
- Favorite defensive call usually ending in disaster - 4-3 Maximum Blitz
- #1 way of breaking the tie when the bobber landed on the line (happened several times/game) - Coin flip
- #2 Tie Breaker - Rock/Paper/Scissors
- #1 reason for fights starting - Arguments about whether or not the bobber was on the line - especially with under 2 mins left on the game clock.
- Why fights ended - could lay an index card down to make the decision.

That game is still on a shelf or in a box in my parents’ house somewhere, I promise you.


Malcom Hartzog facts:
- Unranked by scouting services when found by Erik Chinander
- Mr. Football in Mississippi’s Class 3A (7 classes total)
- As well as playing corner on defense, Malcolm had also 71 carries for 1231 yds (17.3 YPC) and 28 TD’s and 3 more receiving TD’s on only 7 catches.
- Won the 3A state championship with Bassfield Jefferson Davis County High
- Mississippi MVP in the 2021 Alabama - Mississippi Al-Star Game

Congrats on the early success - now keep it up on what’s sure to be a VERY busy day against Purdue.

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Purdue Boilermakers