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Nebraska Men’s and Women’s Basketball announce Media Days Participants


With the start of the regular season just under one month away, the Big Ten Conference is set to hold Big Ten Basketball Media Days over the next two days in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year will be the first time that Minneapolis will play host to the event with the men’s and women’s teams combined in the same days. Minneapolis was also announced as the host for the 2023 Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament and the 2024 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament.

With the Nebraska Cornhuskers set to participate on Wednesday, the programs announced the participants earlier today. Representing the men’s team alongside head coach Fred Hoiberg will be senior guard Sam Griesel, Senior and senior forward Derrick Walker, Senior.

Alongside head coach Amy Williams for the women’s team will be sophomore center/power forward Alexis Markowski and junior guard Jaz Shelley.

The Husker head coaches will be up second on Wednesday following Wisconsin. Williams will speak first from 8:50 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with Hoiberg following from 9:00 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. All times are central on the schedule. After Nebraska will be Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State.

Tuesday will feature opening remarks from Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren with Maryland, Indiana, Rutgers, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, and Iowa following. All programs will see the women’s basketball coach speak first with the men’s coach to follow. All of the two day event will also be broadcast live on the Big Ten Network.

The full schedule can be found here.

The official unofficial preseason Big Ten media poll

In other basketball news, The Athletic and Columbus Dispatch unveiled the results of the annual “official unofficial” joint 2022 Big Ten men’s basketball preseason poll from various beat writers covering teams across the league.

No surprise to most, Nebraska was picked to finish last on the men’s side this year. The women’s team was picked to finish fifth in last week’s media poll.

(first-place votes in parenthesis)

  1. Indiana, 43 (19)
  2. Illinois, 81 (6)
  3. Michigan, 92 (1)
  4. Michigan State, 139
  5. Purdue, 141 (1)
  6. Ohio State, 167
  7. Iowa, 185 (1)
  8. Rutgers, 218
  9. Wisconsin, 229
  10. Maryland, 267
  11. Penn State, 304
  12. Minnesota, 334
  13. Northwestern, 362
  14. Nebraska, 378