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Predictions: Huskers vs. Hoosiers

Our team is unanimous in their thoughts...and that’s not a good thing.

Kentucky v Indiana

Mike: We still have two months of yet another awful football season, don’t we?

Nate M: So I heard that Trev Alberts contacted Bo Pelini to see if he would come back and coach Nebraska.

Jill: Stop with the rumors Nate.

They are rumors, right?!?

Andy: This 4-game set will tell the tale of whether Mickey can make any headway. And if it takes less than 4, that’s not good. But one can hope. And hope is good thing, Red, Maybe the best of things. You’re god-damned right Morgan Freeman’s name was Red.

Michigan (-10.5) at Iowa

Mike: Iowa hasn’t faced an offense like Michigan’s...or a defense like Michigan’s, for that matter either. Weasels 31, Squawkeyes 5

Nate M: I saw somewhere that Iowa has 10% of the Top 10 upset wins over the past twenty years or something. That’s kind of interesting. Iowa’s defense is one of the best in the country and it should be able to slow down Michigan but not enough for the win. I think Michigan wins by 14.

Jill: Dat Hawkeye defense is legit. That offense is. Not. I think the Wolverines are the better balanced team but Iowa at home is a tough out. I think the Hawkeye special teams keep them in range of scoring points. Michigan 21 Iowa 12

Andy: The Weasels vs. America’s HWCU. Stats to date are fairly useless since Michigan played a noncon schedule that Bill Snyder would call embarrassing, then followed up struggling to get by Maryland. Things may get straightened out for them down the road, but currently their #4 national ranking is an utter joke. I would take Iowa over Maryland - I mean, in a football game, not a diversity competition for shit’s sake - so I don’t think this one covers. Weasels 19 The HWCU 16

Illinois (+7) at Wisconsin

Mike: Badger-land is getting a little testy with Paul Chryst’s program. This game might not help matters either. Illini 23, Bucky 21

Nate M: The Brett Bielema special. Illinois finds a way to win.

Jill: Illinois is much improved. Wisconsin may not be as salty as recent years, but I’m still a bit surprised to see Mike and Nate’s predictions. I’ll go with chalk. Badgers 24 Illini 18

Andy: Nate may have stolen my thunder but I am in agreement here. If one looks at how both have played, this spread appears to be based solely on the histories of the programs. Something is off in Wiscy when board warriors are begging for Chryst to be canned so they can go after Leopold. Also, you assholes get your damn hands off her!! Him. Whatever.

As Ed Harris as Admiral Cain in Top Gun: Maverick so eloquently put it, “It galls me to say this, but for reasons known only to the Almighty and your guardian angel…Bert? I am picking you to win this game straight up.” (Or something like that) Illini 24 Wiscy 23

Purdue (+12.5) at Minnesota

Mike: I’ve thrown plenty of ridicule towards Minnesota and PJ Fleck over the year, but not now. I wouldn’t dare say the Goofs are a playoff team, but they are by far the most solid team in the west division. Golden Goofers 38, Boilers 21

Nate M: Until I see otherwise, Minnesota is the best team in the division and it isn’t close. They are going to truck Purdue by 20+.

Jill: Minnesota has been playing scary good. I’m excited to see what they do vs the Boilers. Gophers 34 Purdue 21

Andy: F*ck it, I’m on a roll. Minnesota is being looked at as a machine for beating the shit out of…Colorado? Michigan State? I believe this is a spread borne of the belief Michigan St was a legitimate 11-2 team last year - they weren’t. They were a very charmed 5-7 team, as charmed as NU was cursed and they’re worse this year.

Minnesota has played no one, Purdue is battle tested. Calling for another straight up win against the spread. Shot & a Beer 30 PJ’s Chess Pieces 28

Matt Campbell (Iowa State, -3) at Lance Leipold (Kansas)

Mike: This one is another juicy game to watch for the future of Nebraska football. The Cyclones laid an egg last week... don’t see them doing it again this week. But if they do...the Leipold talk goes through the roof. ‘Clones 34, Rock Chalk 28

Nate M: Let’s see if Matt Campbell goes 0-2 for the heart of Nebraska fans. It would be quite a big win for Kansas if they want Leipold to get the Nebraska job. I have a feeling Iowa State wins by 7.

Jill: ALL THE RUMORS!! Cyclones 30 Jayhawks 24

Andy: I’m 2-0 in coach search wars after last week (and I LOVE this, Mike) so no reason to stop now. Of course, I will take the man with multiple championships and two D1 rebuilds - a mid-major and a P5 - over a 9-win ceiling guy. KU’s home crowd gets the Jayhawks cooking with gas again, and hell yes I want Red Nation to money-whip Lance’s ass away to Lincoln before the Jayhawks bowl game. KU 27 Cyclones 23

Indiana (+6) at Nebraska

Mike: I think this point spread would have been correct in mid-August. I thought Indiana would struggle, but they’ve found ways to win when playing like crap. Nebraska just finds ways to lose now. This is a gut-check game after dropping a turd against the Sooners. And in Hoosier-and, they are up-in-arms about former Pelini assistant Rick Kaczenski’s “Tom Allen is a clown” comment. Kaz wasn’t wrong, but Indiana loves to play the “I’M OFFENDED!!11!!1!” card. Hoosiers 38, Huskers 24

Nate M: Indiana wins by 20.

Jill: Do I have to watch? Fine. Hoosiers 35 Huskers 16

Andy: Imma cheat and copy (check out my hip texting talk, Boo-Yah!) and paste my pick from my Q&A with Indiana’s Crimson Quarry site here since nothing I’ve heard since Tuesday makes me want to change my mind:

The updated depth charts came out today (Note: this was Tuesday) and it appears the two down linemen set is not changing, but at least Mathis is now listed as starter, so there’s that. If we still see soft zones and and coverage gaps defensively, Indiana is probably in for a big scoring day unless Mathis and company can get some consistent pressure.

I think the offense will right itself somewhat, however this is a team who has dropped 9 of their last 10 games so when it comes to predictions, I’m pretty much in Prove Me Wrong mode until things get turned around. I say Bazelak throws for about 370 yards and the Hoosiers prevail 41 - 31.

Will I still be acting like a flipping maniac if it’s close? Of course. We need a win in the worst way and this line is one of the goofiest I’ve seen in awhile, so I literally pray this is a case of the bookies knowing something I don’t. We need something good to happen. Go Big Red.