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Five Heart Podcast Ep. 260: The Return of the King

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports


I, Jon Johnston, finally returned to the podcast after having been in Texas for a few weeks previous. I spent some of my time living in a RV in my brother’s yard in Dallas. It was a much better experience than staying in his house where he insists anything below 76 degrees will cause hypothermia.

When I set the zoom meeting up for the podcast, I jokingly referred to it as “Return of the King”, which as you know, is one of the books of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now Greg named the podcast that. And now this article is named that. And here we are.

Greg, Todd, and I get together and do an update on Husker sports. There’s many additions to the coaching staff, new players and I sat in a RV thinking a lot about what my perspective is on Scott Frost as our head coach.

I am on record as saying Scott Frost needs to be fired. I would be happy to be wrong, but I don’t think whatever changes Frost has made will save his job next season.

I thought a lot about this. I ask myself, “What If I’m Wrong” and we have a decent discussion about that.

I wonder what would happen if Scott Frost just left the offense alone like he clearly did the defense. We have a decent discussion about that.

While in Texas, I became convinced I need to buy 27 guns. And I talk about a trip to Waco, Texas. And Virtual Reality headsets.

We do updates on Nebrasketball, women’s basketball kicking ass, and our hope for baseball season.

Give it a listen.