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Corn Nation Radio: The College Football Season, B1G Divisions, & Husker Football With Steven Godfrey

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

This week we sit down once again with college football guru Steven Godfrey. Steven is a long time contributor to SB Nation and other periodicals such as Athlon. He is currently working with SB Nation’s Secret Base and The Split Zone Duo Podcast.

In today’s episode the 2021 college football season which brought back a lot of normalcy to the sport post the COVID outbreak. We go over the ups and down along with what the future of the sport might hold.

We also jump into the recent development of the Big Ten possibly getting rid of of football divisions and what implications that could bring to the league.

Finally, we of course talk about our beloved Huskers. The good and the bad along with what 2022 might bring.

To check out more of Seven you can go to Secret Base for all of his great contributions there and the Splitzone Duo for all of your in depth college football needs. I would recommend joining the Patreon page for the last one if you truly love college football. There you will get extra in depth episodes. You can also follow him on Twitter at @38Godfrey.

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