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Five Heart Podcast Ep. 263: The Transfer Black Hole?

It’s the portal now, but maybe one day it will backfire on the athletes.

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Greg, Todd, and Jon talk about the transfer portal, its pros and cons. This year, at least so far, Nebraska has really benefitted from the transfer portal. But Todd is curious as to how many athletes enter the portal and never land at a school.

So while Greg didn’t intend for the transfer portal talk to dominate the conversation, it did occupy the most time.

And while we recorded this before the Husker men’s and women’s basketball teams were in action Thursday, we had a pretty good idea of the outcomes.

But Husker wrestling took down a higher-ranked opponent in the Wisconsin Badgers before also beating Northwestern.

At the end of the episode, Todd talks fondly about the late Meat Loaf.

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